Cuban Host Frank Abel Signs with "Destino Tolk" Amidst Controversy

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 by Daniel Colon

The Cuban host Frank Abel, who has been residing in Miami since 2022, has recently signed a contract to work on the podcast "Destino Tolk."

The news surfaced amidst a wave of controversy and sharp criticism that erupted against Frank Abel following an interview he gave for the show. Destino Positivo and Fernan, the regular hosts of this well-known Miami-based podcast, welcomed the host warmly.

“Million-dollar contract for Frank Abel, welcome to the Destino Tolk family,” read a post on the podcast's official Instagram profile, accompanied by a photo showing the host signing the contract in the company of Destino and Fernan.

In recent days, the podcast's hosts have responded to the backlash received for interviewing Frank Abel, who many accuse of being a communist, drug addict, alcoholic, and troublemaker. Alexander Otaola on El Mañanero, was one of the critics, mocking Frank Abel and calling him a “bad actor” after he broke down in tears during the interview when asked about his mother, who is accused of embezzlement in Cuba.

Meanwhile, influencer Amed Rodríguez Ruiz, known on social media as Abejas Memes and a former partner of Frank Abel, disputed some of the statements the host made for "Destino Tolk" in an interview with La Familia Pérez: “Everyone in the entertainment industry back when I was with Frank knows that the problematic, alcoholic, and aggressive one was him (…) Frank Abel is a very arrogant and envious person, which is why he couldn't get work in Cuba."

Frank Abel's Controversial Signing with Destino Tolk

In light of Frank Abel's new contract with Destino Tolk, many questions have arisen. Below are some key questions and answers to provide more context.

Why did Frank Abel face criticism after his interview?

Frank Abel faced criticism due to his controversial past and the emotional breakdown he experienced during the interview, which some accused him of faking.

What allegations were made against Frank Abel?

He was accused of being a communist, drug addict, alcoholic, and troublemaker. Additionally, some criticized his behavior and personality, labeling him arrogant and envious.

How did the hosts of Destino Tolk respond to the backlash?

The hosts addressed the criticism directly, defending their decision to interview Frank Abel and welcoming him to their team despite the controversy.

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