Cuban Fisherman Lands Massive Ray off Sancti Spíritus Coast

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Hannah Aguilar

Cuban Fisherman Lands Massive Ray off Sancti Spíritus Coast
Yudiel Canedo Dávila - Image © Facebook/Defense of spearfishing in Cuba

A young Cuban fisherman captured a massive ray off the coast of Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, as showcased by the fisherman himself on social media. In the Facebook group "Defensa de la pesca submarina en Cuba," Yudiel Canedo Dávila posted an image of his impressive catch and asked users for their opinions on the species levisa.

Many netizens reacted to the post, with one user, Douglas De Dedios, sharing that in the bay of Caibarién, "we caught a 112-pound one with an 80-pound line. We were two on a cork raft, and it felt like we had a motor. We struggled with that animal for two hours before we managed to bring it up," he recounted.

The Levisa, known scientifically as Himantura schmardae from the Family Dasyatidae, is one of the largest members of the ray family, capable of reaching up to two meters in diameter in its disc, not including the length of its tail, according to the group Naturaleza Secreta.

Other Notable Catches in Cuban Waters

On July 2nd, a Cuban resident in Florida had a terrifying experience during a spearfishing expedition when a bull shark snatched a freshly caught fish from his hands, leaving only the head. "These animals are incredible, you have to be very careful in the water," explained Dairo Alfonso Páez in a video posted on TikTok, detailing that the incident happened two weeks prior.

Similarly, last February, Cuban fishermen caught a whale shark in their nets, as revealed in a brief video posted on TikTok. The short clip was recorded on the shores of Playa Tayabacoa, south of Sancti Spíritus, and shows four astonished fishermen joking about the find.

In January, two Cuban sport fishermen with valid licenses caught a large hammerhead shark on a beach in Havana just days before the end of 2023. Alexander Leyva Rodríguez and his colleague Carlos González captured a hammerhead shark, a species typically found between 0 and 20 meters deep, though they can inhabit depths of up to 200 meters in open sea.

Back in September 2023, Cuban fishermen landed a 120-pound ray in Holguín. The evidence was posted in the Facebook group "Club de pescadores de Holguín," where the massive fish was photographed on the coastal rocks alongside the happy faces of its captors.

FAQs on Fishing in Cuba

Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about fishing in Cuba, based on the recent news and events.

What species of ray was caught by Yudiel Canedo Dávila?

Yudiel Canedo Dávila caught a Levisa, scientifically known as Himantura schmardae, a member of the Family Dasyatidae.

What precautionary advice was given by Dairo Alfonso Páez regarding spearfishing?

Dairo Alfonso Páez advised being very careful in the water due to the presence of incredible animals like bull sharks.

Where was the whale shark caught by Cuban fishermen in February?

The whale shark was caught on the shores of Playa Tayabacoa, south of Sancti Spíritus.

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