Ivy Queen Praised by La Diosa for Her Inspiration and Legacy

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Albert Rivera

La Diosa was one of the invited artists at Ivy Queen's event in Miami, where the Puerto Rican singer unveiled her new song "De Luto."

The Cuban singer shared a video on Instagram capturing her meeting with Ivy Queen, using the moment to publicly express her gratitude to "La Caballota" for being a role model for women in music.

"Thank you, Ivy Queen, for the amazing night, for the inspiration, humility, and legacy. Full support for this song ‘De Luto’,” La Diosa wrote in her post.

The video shows the heartfelt moment when the two artists greet each other and share an embrace, symbolizing the mutual respect and affection between two women who are passionate about music.

During the event, La Diosa also shared a memorable moment with El Divo de Placetas, indicating that any past differences between them have been resolved. Their reunion was marked by kisses and even a brief runway walk.

Key Moments and Reactions at Ivy Queen's Event

Below are some commonly asked questions and their answers regarding the significant moments at Ivy Queen's event, where La Diosa was a featured guest.

Who is Ivy Queen?

Ivy Queen, also known as "La Caballota," is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who is a prominent figure in the reggaeton and Latin music scenes.

What song did Ivy Queen present at the event in Miami?

Ivy Queen presented her new song titled "De Luto" at the event in Miami.

How did La Diosa express her gratitude to Ivy Queen?

La Diosa expressed her gratitude by sharing a video on Instagram and thanking Ivy Queen for her inspiration, humility, and legacy.

What significant moment occurred between La Diosa and El Divo de Placetas at the event?

La Diosa and El Divo de Placetas shared a memorable reunion, marked by kisses and a brief runway walk, indicating that any past conflicts between them had been resolved.

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