Young Man in Critical Condition after Jumping from Roof in Santiago de Cuba

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Emma Garcia

Young Man in Critical Condition after Jumping from Roof in Santiago de Cuba
Alexey Calas Rojas - Image © Facebook/Yosmany Mayeta Labrada

A young Cuban identified as Alexey Calas Rojas remains in critical condition in Santiago de Cuba after allegedly jumping from the roof of his house in a presumed suicide attempt. The family has refuted rumors of his death, clarifying that he is in critical condition, according to independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta on Facebook.

Calas Rojas, a resident of 12th Street in the Altamira neighborhood, suffers from mental disorders. Despite his family's efforts to have him admitted to psychiatric facilities in the province, they were unable to secure his hospitalization, the post explains.

The young man jumped from the roof of his house on Monday and fell onto the electrical wiring, specifically hitting a group of high-voltage cables. He was initially taken to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital due to its proximity to the Altamira neighborhood, but was later transferred to the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital that night.

"He has a fractured jaw, skull, and leg, and has sustained electrical burns on his abdomen," recounted a cousin. She mentioned that they are waiting for the swelling to subside before taking him to the operating room and criticized the delay in performing the surgical intervention. "He's a good kid and loved by everyone," the family asserts.

People with mental illnesses and behavioral disorders have been particularly vulnerable to the pharmaceutical shortages, one of the many issues Cubans face daily. Additionally, suicide rates in Cuba have surged due to the worsening economic situation, characterized by rampant inflation, food and essential product shortages, and an unprecedented migration crisis.

Critical Condition and Mental Health Crisis in Cuba

Here are some common questions and answers about the current mental health crisis and critical conditions faced by individuals in Cuba.

What is the current condition of Alexey Calas Rojas?

Alexey Calas Rojas is in critical condition with multiple injuries, including fractures and electrical burns, following his fall from the roof of his house in Santiago de Cuba.

Why was there a delay in Alexey's surgical intervention?

The delay in Alexey's surgical intervention is due to the need for the swelling to subside before he can be taken to the operating room, as well as systemic issues within the Cuban healthcare system.

How has the economic situation in Cuba affected mental health?

The worsening economic situation in Cuba, marked by severe inflation, food shortages, and a lack of essential products, has significantly impacted mental health, leading to higher suicide rates and increased vulnerability among those with mental disorders.

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