Man Suffers Heatstroke Due to Lack of Air Conditioning at Havana Airport

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Edward Lopez

A man suffered a heatstroke on Monday due to the lack of air conditioning at the José Martí International Airport in Havana. Several videos sent to CiberCuba show the elderly man being assisted by multiple people in a terminal that lacks the necessary conditions for passenger comfort or waiting, given the unbearable heat.

"Give him water," a user can be heard saying in the lobby, where most passengers are using fans to cope with the heat. In another video, healthcare personnel are seen attending to the man.

Coincidentally, this Monday, the general director of José Martí International Airport, Irán Cueto Carmona, appeared in a video explaining the situation with the air conditioning at Cuba's main airport facility.

Director's Response to Air Conditioning Issues

Nearly two months after the first complaints about the airport's climatization issues surfaced on social media, Cueto Carmona explained that they are installing "a group of rooftop units" to supplement the main cooling system of the terminal.

Although the director didn't elaborate in his video, a rooftop unit is a direct expansion air conditioning system used to cool and ventilate an enclosed space, capable of generating heat or cold within the same unit. It is installed on rooftops, and air is distributed indoors through ducts.

The director indicated that the "problems" with the air conditioning system of Terminal 3 at José Martí International Airport originated from a malfunction, though he did not provide further details. His speech focused on assuring that they are working "hard" to resolve the issue.

"Currently, we are working very hard to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. Actions are being taken to import parts, pieces, and equipment. This would achieve greater coverage and reliability of the terminal's cooling system," the director pointed out.

Between breakdowns, power outages, and poor service, the experiences of travelers arriving or departing from this facility have been chaotic so far.

FAQs About the Air Conditioning Issues at José Martí International Airport

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the ongoing air conditioning issues at Havana's main airport.

What caused the air conditioning failure at José Martí International Airport?

The air conditioning issues originated from a malfunction in the system, but specific details about the nature of the malfunction were not provided by the airport director.

What measures are being taken to resolve the air conditioning problems?

The airport is installing rooftop units to supplement the main cooling system, and efforts are underway to import necessary parts and equipment to improve the reliability and coverage of the air conditioning system.

How are passengers coping with the heat at the airport?

Passengers are using fans and other means to endure the heat while waiting in the terminal. Videos show people assisting an elderly man who suffered from a heatstroke due to the lack of air conditioning.

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