Censorship Targeting Trans Artist Kiriam Gutiérrez Exposed

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Albert Rivera

Censorship Targeting Trans Artist Kiriam Gutiérrez Exposed
Kiriam Gutiérrez Pérez - Image © Facebook/Kiriam Gutiérrez Pérez

Cuban actress and activist Kiriam Gutiérrez Pérez has once again fallen victim to censorship, facing police repression and relentless persecution by the State Security. The incident was brought to light by independent journalist Héctor Valdés Corcho through a detailed denunciation on his Facebook profile.

"Earlier this morning, several activists from the LGBTI community contacted me to inform about a situation that occurred before the 'Reina de la Copla en Cuba' transformism competition," wrote Valdés Corcho. He clarified that his comments were not aimed at the event organizers but at the situation involving Gutiérrez.

"The issue revolves around the ban on Kiriam Gutiérrez Pérez, a Cuban artist and activist who has tirelessly fought for the rights of the very community that now remains silent in the face of numerous attempts to prevent her from working. That same community turns a blind eye and becomes complicit in these arbitrary actions," he stated.

The ban prohibited the trans artist from participating in the event, even as an audience member. "The excuse for the ban, even as a member of the audience, was an anonymous tip to the event organizers, claiming that Kiriam would stage a protest against the Cuban regime, potentially causing chaos at the event," the U.S.-based journalist explained.

Valdés Corcho criticized the organizers for not verifying the anonymous tip, questioning why they would even consider the possibility that Kiriam might use the event's microphones for a protest. "If we're going to act professionally, let's do it right," he insisted.

"I just spoke with Kiriam; she's devastated, cried like I've never seen before. She feels alone, abandoned by everyone. People have turned their backs on someone who has been there for everyone from day one, fighting for spaces like these to be enjoyed by all," he shared about the trans artist's feelings.

Valdés Corcho also highlighted the broader implications of the anonymous tip, which extend beyond the recent ban and include concerns about Kiriam's ability to support her elderly mother, who relies on her.

"Even now, after that anonymous tip, Kiriam could be investigated for the supposed counter-revolutionary act she was accused of planning, which, to be clear, is false," he added.

Kiriam has had numerous encounters with the State Security, an entity that seeks to suppress her thoughts and condemns her for being homosexual, despite the regime's boasts of having approved a Family Code. Last year, the Ministry of the Interior threatened to remove her breast implants.

In an extensive social media post, the trans activist detailed the challenges she faced in her decision to transition in a country that lacks a legal framework to ensure this process is carried out safely and effectively.

Understanding the Censorship of Kiriam Gutiérrez

Here are some questions and answers to better understand the ongoing issues faced by Kiriam Gutiérrez amid the censorship and persecution by Cuban authorities.

Why was Kiriam Gutiérrez banned from the event?

Kiriam was banned based on an anonymous tip claiming she would stage a protest against the Cuban regime, which could cause disruption at the event.

How has the LGBTI community responded to Kiriam's censorship?

According to Héctor Valdés Corcho, the LGBTI community has largely remained silent and turned a blind eye, effectively becoming complicit in the arbitrary actions against Kiriam.

What threats has Kiriam faced from State Security?

Kiriam has faced numerous threats, including the potential removal of her breast implants by the Ministry of the Interior, aimed at suppressing her activism and identity.

What are the broader implications of Kiriam's censorship?

The censorship not only affects Kiriam's ability to work but also raises concerns about her ability to support her elderly mother, who depends on her.

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