Victor Alfonso Cedeño Remembered by Yesapín García Team: "He Taught Us the Value of Perseverance and Struggle"

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Christopher Ramirez

Reactions poured in from various corners of the world following the passing of Victor Alfonso Cedeño in Miami this Monday. The creator of the popular animated series Dany y el Club de los Berracos and the character Yesapín García was remembered for his human values and artistic legacy.

"Today, we bid farewell with hearts full of gratitude and admiration for Victor A. Cedeño, the talented creator of the Yesapín García cartoons. As the father of these beloved characters, Victor not only brought us smiles and unforgettable moments but also taught us the value of perseverance and struggle," expressed the team behind the Yesapín García series.

On their Facebook profile, the team praised Victor's fight for life. "Throughout his courageous battle with cancer, Victor never stopped believing in the magic of his creations and the joy they brought to Cubans. His passion and dedication are evident in every stroke and every story he shared with us," they stated.

They also assured that the continuation of the character is secured. "To all Yesapín García fans, we want to assure you that Victor's work will continue. His legacy will live on in every laugh, every adventure, and every whim of his daughter (Yesapín García)," they mentioned.

"We are committed to continuing to bring joy to Cubans, keeping alive the spark and spirit that Victor left us," they added.

Tributes and Memories

Cuban scientist and activist Oscar Casanella expressed having unfulfilled plans and moments to share with Victor. He recalled how the creator and his wife supported him during times of regime repression.

"I will never forget that when I was under house arrest in Cuba in 2021, you were one of the few friends who were not intimidated by the G2 repressors and police surrounding my house, and you visited me almost daily," he recounted.

He also mentioned Victor's presence in opposition movements against the regime. "We will never forget that you were one of the seeds of that November 27, 2020, when you went to the Ministry of Culture in the morning to support us in the San Isidro Movement strike. You had courage to spare despite your illness making you more vulnerable," he said.

Writer Enrique del Risco also shared his remembrance of Victor. "That time we met, I did not stop expressing my admiration for what I knew of his work," he wrote, reflecting on their first encounter.

Independent filmmaker Karel Ducase Manzano remembered Victor with a photograph taken at one of the editions of the Young Cinema Showcase in Cuba.

The private business D'Art Dental Miami dedicated heartfelt words to the creator, stating, "Your talent and courage will continue to inspire us. Your legacy will live on in every stroke of your cartoons and in every memory you left us. Thank you for showing us how to face adversity with dignity and for being a beacon of light in our lives."

Among many reactions was an extensive note from the Asamblea de Cineastas de Cuba. They described Victor's career and work, adding that "he was not only a chronicler of his time, a talented and imaginative artist who knew how to observe, interpret, and process the image of a nation from anthropology, irony, and personal pain. Away from grand discourses and catwalks, engaged in his personal battle against death, he always knew that the greatest virtue of an artist is to be true to oneself."

Remembering Victor Alfonso Cedeño's Legacy

In light of Victor Alfonso Cedeño's passing, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about his life, work, and impact.

Who was Victor Alfonso Cedeño?

Victor Alfonso Cedeño was a Cuban creator and animator known for his popular series Dany y el Club de los Berracos and the character Yesapín García. He was admired for his talent, perseverance, and contributions to Cuban culture.

What did Victor Alfonso Cedeño create?

Victor Alfonso Cedeño created the animated series Dany y el Club de los Berracos and the beloved character Yesapín García. His work brought joy to many and reflected his commitment to his craft.

How did Victor Alfonso Cedeño impact the opposition movements in Cuba?

Victor Alfonso Cedeño was involved in opposition movements against the Cuban regime. He was recognized for his courage and support, particularly during the November 27, 2020, protests at the Ministry of Culture in support of the San Isidro Movement.

Will Yesapín García continue after Victor Alfonso Cedeño's passing?

Yes, the team behind Yesapín García has assured fans that the character and Victor's legacy will continue. They are committed to keeping his spirit alive through ongoing stories and adventures.

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