Miami’s Twin and Her Sisters Express Gratitude for Support After Their Mother’s Passing

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Felix Ortiz

Cuban influencer Yainelis Ramires, widely recognized as Miami's Twin, is going through a tough period following the tragic death of her mother in a traffic accident last Thursday in Camagüey. This heartbreaking news was confirmed by Miguel David Estévez, star of Las Locuras de Miguelín.

Amidst this painful time, the young influencer took a moment, alongside her sisters, to express their gratitude for the support and numerous expressions of sympathy they have received. In a video uploaded to her Instagram stories, where she appears with her sisters, she said, "I want to thank my followers for the support we've had, all the people who have written to me. There are many people I haven't been able to respond to because there have been so many. Thank God I have many people who love me."

In the same message, Miami's Twin explained why her sister couldn't travel to Cuba with her to say goodbye to their mother. "For those who have asked, my sister couldn't go to Cuba. She had applied for her passport, and it didn't arrive on time; otherwise, she would have gone. Thanks from the bottom of my heart," said the young woman, who urgently traveled to the island to attend the funeral of Milagros Hernández, one of the five people who died in the car accident. Stay strong!

FAQs on the Tragic Incident and Support for Miami's Twin

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the tragic incident and the support received by Miami's Twin and her sisters.

Who is Miami's Twin?

Miami's Twin is the online persona of Cuban influencer Yainelis Ramires, known for her engaging content on social media.

What happened to Miami's Twin's mother?

Miami's Twin's mother, Milagros Hernández, tragically passed away in a traffic accident in Camagüey, Cuba.

Why couldn't Miami's Twin's sister travel to Cuba?

Miami's Twin's sister was unable to travel to Cuba because her passport did not arrive in time.

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