Young Man Jumps From Rooftop, Lands on Power Lines in Santiago de Cuba

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Olivia Torres

Young Man Jumps From Rooftop, Lands on Power Lines in Santiago de Cuba
Ambulance (left) and Altamira Neighborhood (right) (Reference images) - Image by © Collage Periódico 26 - Facebook/La gente de Altamira

A young man recently jumped from the rooftop of his home in the Altamira neighborhood of Santiago de Cuba, landing on power lines and causing a major explosion. The individual, who suffers from mental health issues, was immediately hospitalized following the incident, according to journalist Yosmany Mayeta on social media.

The man has been identified as Alexei Calas, a resident of 12th Street in the area known as "Loma de los Caballos." After the incident, Calas was first admitted to the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital and later transferred to the Saturnino Lora Provincial Hospital.

Impact on the Community

As a result of the explosion, part of the neighborhood was left without electricity. Details about the young man's medical condition have not been disclosed, nor has his age been confirmed. A social media user claiming to know him stated that Alexei suffers from mental health issues and had been admitted to psychiatric hospitals multiple times. However, due to a lack of medications, he was released.

The source added that the young man was also using drugs, which "seems to have led to this extreme imbalance, causing him to attempt to end his life." The incident occurred when he jumped from the second floor of his home, hitting the power lines before falling to the ground, which caused the loud explosion and blackout. He is currently receiving medical care at the Military Hospital, where doctors have detected neurological damage, necessitating his transfer to the Provincial Hospital.

As of the publication of this article, no further details are available about the young man's suicide attempt.

Mental Health Crisis in Cuba

Individuals suffering from mental illnesses and behavioral disorders have been particularly vulnerable to the pharmaceutical shortages, one of the many challenges faced by Cubans daily. Concurrently, suicide rates in Cuba have surged due to the deteriorating economic situation, characterized by severe inflation, food shortages, lack of essential goods, and an unprecedented migration crisis.

Mental Health and Suicide Rates in Cuba

This section addresses common questions regarding the mental health crisis and rising suicide rates in Cuba, providing insights into the challenges faced by the population.

What are the main causes of the mental health crisis in Cuba?

The mental health crisis in Cuba is primarily driven by pharmaceutical shortages, economic hardships, and a lack of adequate mental health services.

How has the economic situation in Cuba impacted mental health?

The worsening economic situation, marked by high inflation, food shortages, and scarcity of essential goods, has significantly contributed to the deterioration of mental health among the Cuban population.

What measures are being taken to address the mental health crisis in Cuba?

Currently, there are limited measures in place to address the mental health crisis in Cuba. The shortage of medications and inadequate mental health services remain significant challenges.

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