Cuban Man's Heartbreaking Reaction After Tree Crushes His SUV in Houston During Beryl's Passage

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 by Christopher Ramirez

A Cuban resident in Houston responded with sadness but resignation to the unfortunate event of his SUV, which he hadn't even finished paying off, being crushed by a tree during the passage of Tropical Storm Beryl through the area on July 8.

“I woke up and look at what happened to the car. Look at what happened to the car, my people. We haven't even finished paying for it and look,” shared the user identified as Iamronnyel23 sorrowfully on TikTok.

“Oh my God, how many tests do we need to keep moving forward in this world? But well, God knows why he does things… We have to keep battling now. Let's see how we recover from this emergency,” concluded Ronny, trying to stay positive despite the distressing situation.

The images show what appears to be a brand-new red GMC Terrain SUV, which was struck by a huge tree on its rear part.

In the comments section, several netizens encouraged Ronny, emphasizing that the important thing was that no one was inside, and that material things can be replaced, especially if insured.

The young man confirmed that he has full coverage insurance for the vehicle and hopes to recover his SUV without financial loss.

Others advised him to park his vehicle away from trees in the future when strong winds are expected, as was the case here.

Hurricane Beryl made landfall in Texas on Monday as a Category 1 hurricane, causing widespread damage and leaving more than two million people without power. Beryl made landfall near Matagorda Beach with winds of 128 km/h and even stronger gusts.

The death toll from the meteorological phenomenon has risen to eight in recent hours. Authorities estimate that the number of fatalities could increase as search and rescue efforts continue. Beryl also wreaked havoc as it passed through the Caribbean; in Jamaica alone, at least 10 people died.

Impact of Hurricane Beryl in Houston and Beyond

Here are some frequently asked questions about the impact of Hurricane Beryl on Houston and the surrounding areas, including advice for those affected.

What was the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Beryl in Houston?

Hurricane Beryl caused widespread damage in Houston, leaving more than two million people without power and causing numerous fatalities and property damage, including fallen trees and destroyed vehicles.

How strong were the winds when Hurricane Beryl made landfall?

When Hurricane Beryl made landfall near Matagorda Beach, it had winds of 128 km/h with even stronger gusts, categorizing it as a Category 1 hurricane.

What advice is given for protecting vehicles during strong wind events?

It is advised to park vehicles away from trees and other potential hazards when strong winds are expected. This can help prevent damage from falling debris.

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