Cuban Woman Shares Family's First Experience in a U.S. Store

Tuesday, July 9, 2024 by Zoe Salinas

A Cuban woman in the United States shared her family's first experience in a store in Las Vegas, shortly after their arrival from Cuba under the humanitarian parole program. Through her TikTok profile, Daniela (known as @siempre.ellaxo) documented how her aunt and cousins experienced their first time in a U.S. store.

"We're heading to the store with the family, first time in a store in the United States," she commented at the beginning of the video. The footage shows some of her relatives unable to resist recording the fully stocked shelves and even trying out the furniture with their cellphones.

Just a few days ago, this young Cuban woman who resides in Las Vegas welcomed her family at the airport. She also shared this emotional reunion on her TikTok profile.

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