Electric Tricycles with Integrated Solar Panels Promised for Cuba's Transportation

Thursday, June 20, 2024 by Claire Jimenez

Electric Tricycles with Integrated Solar Panels Promised for Cuba's Transportation
Electric tricycles with solar panels - Image by © Granma

Amid the transportation crisis in Cuba and the fuel shortages, the government has promised Cubans the creation of electric tricycles equipped with integrated solar panels. These vehicles will not only be used for passenger transportation but also aim to enhance the communication system. With two screens and an audio system, they will broadcast topics of interest to the regime.

The Empresa Industria Electrónica (EIE) Camilo Cienfuegos will be responsible for manufacturing these electric tricycles, which are touted as "high-tech" and "multi-functional," a rarity in Cuba. Edel Gómez Gómez, the general director, told Granma that the vehicles will feature three photovoltaic solar panels. Additionally, they will store energy in their batteries to provide light and electricity during energy contingencies in a community, such as at a small water pumping station.

He mentioned that the production of these tricycles is in response to a directive from the leader Miguel Díaz-Canel to address issues in certain communities, though specifics on which communities or when Cubans can expect to see these tricycles in operation were not provided.

In April, the regime announced the preparation of a batch of around twenty electric tricycles for passenger transportation. However, Cuban companies involved in producing these vehicles have not specified which provinces will benefit from them or the routes that will be covered.

FAQs About Cuba's Electric Tricycles with Solar Panels

In this section, we address some frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming electric tricycles with integrated solar panels in Cuba, aiming to provide clarity on their features, production, and implementation.

What are the key features of these electric tricycles?

The electric tricycles will feature high-tech components, including three photovoltaic solar panels, energy storage batteries, two screens, and an audio system for broadcasting regime-related topics.

Who is responsible for manufacturing these tricycles?

The Empresa Industria Electrónica (EIE) Camilo Cienfuegos is tasked with the production of these electric tricycles.

When will these electric tricycles be available?

The government has not provided a specific timeline for when these tricycles will be operational and available to the public.

Which areas in Cuba will benefit from these tricycles?

Details on which provinces or specific routes will benefit from these electric tricycles have not been disclosed by the Cuban companies involved.

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