Cuban Woman Goes Missing After Shopping Trip in Sancti Spíritus

Saturday, June 15, 2024 by Sofia Valdez

Cuban Woman Goes Missing After Shopping Trip in Sancti Spíritus
Cleidys Garcías - Image by © Isneiby Del Valle / Facebook

A Cuban woman residing in Sancti Spíritus has been missing for four days after leaving her home to go shopping, with her family having no information about her whereabouts since then. Her name is Cleidys Garcías, and her cousin took to social media to report her disappearance and seek help.

"Please, if anyone has seen this young woman, she is my cousin," said Isneiby Del Valle on Facebook. "She went out to exchange some shoes she bought and also had money to purchase a phone. She has been missing for four days, we don't know anything about her. Please, any information you can call me at my number, 53203302. Help me share," she pleaded.

This Saturday, it was revealed that two 12-year-old Cuban girls from Cárdenas, Matanzas, have also been missing for four days. The minors, identified as Melany and Saily, are students in middle school and were last known to have left Melany's maternal grandmother's house, where she lives, together.

Friday marked six months since the disappearance of young Cuban woman Karildi Marín in Havana, with her family still enduring the agony of not having any news about her whereabouts. Her brother, Yoandri Marín, shared a message on his Facebook wall expressing his frustration and reaffirming his commitment to continue the search.

"Time passes but the pain remains the same, and I believe it increases each day, as the uncertainty is very painful. Not knowing creates a lingering uncertainty about what might have happened," he said. "I only ask God to protect you and keep you from all evil. Your family will continue until we find you because between heaven and earth, nothing can be hidden...," he added.

Frequently Asked Questions about Missing Persons in Cuba

Given the recent disappearances reported in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions that might help understand the situation better and provide useful information for those affected.

What should I do if a family member goes missing in Cuba?

If a family member goes missing in Cuba, immediately report the disappearance to the local authorities and use social media platforms to spread the word and seek help from the community.

How can social media help in finding missing persons?

Social media can significantly help in finding missing persons by allowing information to be quickly and widely disseminated, increasing the chances of someone recognizing the missing individual and providing valuable leads.

Are there any organizations in Cuba that help with missing persons cases?

There are a few organizations and community groups in Cuba that can offer support and resources for families of missing persons, including providing guidance on the search process and emotional support.

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