Fire Contained at Fuel Tank of Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant

Friday, June 14, 2024 by Sophia Martinez

Fire Contained at Fuel Tank of Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant
Images of the firefighters' operation - Image © Facebook / Pedro Rizo Martínez

Specialized personnel from the fire department and workers from the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant (CTE) in Matanzas have managed to extinguish the fire that broke out this morning in one of the facility's fuel tanks.

"For now, the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant remains operational. The fire in one of its fuel tanks is being controlled by the firefighters," indicated the CTE of Matanzas on its social media platforms.

According to their post, "thanks to the functioning of the fire protection system, all protective measures are in place, and adjacent tanks are being cooled." Additionally, "sand trucks are creating a containment wall in case of a spill. Most workers have been evacuated, while others remain on-site to provide necessary assistance," stated the Matanzas giant.

Official journalist Pedro Rizo Martínez specified that the fire was localized "in one of the 10-cubic-meter tanks of national crude oil" at the Guiteras plant and reported that emergency personnel and top authorities were on the scene.

"In the morning hours, a fire occurred in one of the fuel supply tanks of the CTE Guiteras. At this moment, specialized personnel from the fire department, as well as workers from the thermoelectric plant, are extinguishing the fire. All measures are being taken to keep the machine running and to avoid additional technological damage beyond what is happening in the fuel tank," the UNE reported on social media when the fire was declared.

In a recent publication, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente de la O Levy, assured that "total control over the fire that occurred this morning in the fuel tank of the CTE Guiteras" had been achieved.

In recent days, another fire broke out in the brush areas near the Matanzas Supertanker Base and the Rayonitro company, close to the Guiteras plant. The origin of that fire was behind the water tanks. According to authorities, the area was far from where the new tanks are being built.

However, both incidents occurring in a short period bring to mind the fatal fire at the Supertanker Base, which happened on the evening of August 5, 2022, when—according to the official version of the authorities—a lightning strike hit a tank containing 40,000 gallons of fuel.

The flames spread to three other tanks that stored fuel oil and crude oil from the refinery in the Bay of Matanzas. The fire remained active for several days, resulting in 17 deaths (some of whom were young recruits from the Active Military Service) and over a hundred injuries.

Key Information about the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant Fire

Here are some critical questions and answers regarding the recent fire at the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant in Matanzas.

What caused the fire at the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Plant?

The fire was caused by an incident in one of the fuel tanks containing national crude oil.

Were there any casualties or injuries reported?

As of the current reports, no casualties or injuries have been mentioned. Most workers were evacuated, and those remaining are providing necessary assistance.

What measures were taken to control the fire?

Firefighters and specialized personnel used the plant's fire protection system to control the blaze, cooled adjacent tanks, and created a sand containment wall to prevent spills.

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