Cuban Christians Document Harrowing Raft Journey to Mexico: "Sailing 600 Kilometers"

Friday, June 14, 2024 by Olivia Torres

A group of Christian rafters bound for Mexico documented their perilous journey in a small boat equipped with only a sail. The leader of the group, who identifies on TikTok as Zaphnath-Paaneah, shared several videos depicting their entire ordeal, including cutting down trees to build the vessel.

According to their account, they departed from Playa Larga in Matanzas. Initially, they had a motor, but it broke down, forcing them to stop at an islet where they even had to hunt crocodiles for food. From that point onward, they continued solely under sail, undeterred by the setback.

The shared videos illustrate the optimism of the rafters, which included men, women, and even an elderly woman. They sang hymns and shared messages of praise to Christ, expressing faith that they would achieve their goal. Ultimately, they arrived safely in Cancún, from where they planned to continue to the United States.

"I didn't leave seeking the American dream, but fleeing the Cuban nightmare," said the author of the videos.

FAQs About the Cuban Christians' Raft Journey

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the harrowing journey undertaken by the Cuban Christians as they sailed 600 kilometers to Mexico.

What prompted the Cuban Christians to undertake this dangerous journey?

The group was fleeing the harsh conditions in Cuba, which they described as a "nightmare," in search of a better life.

What challenges did they face during their journey?

They faced numerous challenges, including a broken motor, the necessity to hunt crocodiles for food, and the reliance on a sail after losing their motor.

How did they maintain their spirits during the journey?

The group maintained their spirits by singing hymns and sharing messages of praise and faith in Christ, believing that they would achieve their goal.

Where did they land, and what are their future plans?

They landed safely in Cancún, Mexico, and plan to continue their journey to the United States.

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