Silvio Rodríguez Labels Cuba's Current Situation as "Terrible"

Friday, June 14, 2024 by Isabella Rojas

Silvio Rodríguez Labels Cuba's Current Situation as "Terrible"
Silvio Rodríguez - Image © Facebook / Zurrón del Aprendiz - Silvio Rodríguez

Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, known for his support of the Castro regime, has admitted that the crisis in Cuba is "terrible" and expressed particular concern for the struggles faced by the elderly. In an interview with The Associated Press, the troubadour described the current situation, marked by inflation, low food production, emigration, and deteriorating services, as "very severe."

"The current situation undermines any idealistic conviction. The reality is harsh for the majority of our people, very harsh. And this starts with the number of elderly who dedicated their lives to the revolution wholeheartedly and now, imagine, with the pensions they receive, they can't even afford a carton of eggs," he explained.

"Most people everywhere just want to live their lives peacefully, progress a bit, and have some opportunities," he added.

Silvio, a fervent defender of the revolution and a former member of the Cuban Parliament, has recently voiced opinions advocating for a shift in the mindset of the ruling class and an openness to market economy principles.

"I am capable of coexisting within a wide spectrum of opinions, as long as mine is also considered, of course. I just hope that our future, the future of José Martí's Cuba, does not end up in the pocket of the US government," he stated.

The founder of the New Trova Movement, now 77 years old, asserted in June 2023 that the Cuban government needed "a change of mindset" and to "lose the fear" of economic models that could ensure collective well-being. "The changes we need are in mindset. We have to lose the fear," he noted.

Understanding Silvio Rodríguez's Perspective on Cuba's Crisis

Here are some frequently asked questions about Silvio Rodríguez's views on the current situation in Cuba.

What did Silvio Rodríguez say about the elderly in Cuba?

Silvio Rodríguez expressed deep concern for the elderly who dedicated their lives to the revolution but now struggle to make ends meet with their pensions.

What changes does Silvio Rodríguez advocate for in Cuba?

Rodríguez advocates for a change in mindset among the ruling class and an openness to market economy principles to ensure collective well-being.

What is Silvio Rodríguez's stance on opinions and future of Cuba?

Rodríguez is open to a wide range of opinions as long as his is also considered. He hopes the future of José Martí's Cuba does not end up controlled by the US government.

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