A Cuban Mother's Journey to Uruguay with Her Two Children: "In Search of Freedom"

Thursday, June 13, 2024 by Daniel Vasquez

A Cuban mother has shared the arduous journey she undertook with her two children to reach Uruguay in search of freedom. Dailyn Cabrera Lantigua, a young woman from Matanzas, left Cuba alone with her two kids to reunite with her husband, who had been in the South American country for two years.

According to her account given to CiberCuba, they departed from Cuba on June 2 and arrived in Uruguay on June 7, taking a direct flight. "We crossed Guyana to Brazil and from there to the border with Uruguay. The journey was very complicated due to floods, many hours without stopping, but thank God we arrived," she said.

"It was extremely difficult because of the children; they were vomiting to the point of near dehydration and fainting. Those were the tensest and most anguishing hours of my life, but I would do it a thousand times over, now prepared and experienced, just to see freedom in my children's eyes," she added.

Dailyn shared a video on her Facebook showing some of the places the three travelers passed through. "I buried my fears and filled myself with courage. I packed dreams and hope in my backpack, took my little children's hands, and set off in search of a better future for them. I closed my tear-filled eyes and said goodbye to everything I love, left my land along with my memories, my dreams, my family," she detailed.

"This is just the beginning; it's the first of many steps to come. I strongly applaud all the brave moms who risk so much just to see freedom in their children's eyes. Thank you, God, for allowing us to start a new life," she wrote.

Now in Uruguay, the young mother has felt the presence of a large Cuban community. She explained that her immigration status is in process; after applying for asylum for herself and her children, she is awaiting the arrival of her ID card, which will allow her to start working.

FAQs About Dailyn Cabrera Lantigua’s Journey to Uruguay

Here are some frequently asked questions about Dailyn Cabrera Lantigua's journey from Cuba to Uruguay along with their answers. These questions aim to provide deeper insights into her experience and the challenges faced.

What was the route taken by Dailyn Cabrera Lantigua to reach Uruguay?

Dailyn and her children flew directly from Cuba to Uruguay. Along the way, they crossed Guyana and Brazil before reaching the Uruguayan border.

What were some of the challenges faced during the journey?

The journey was complicated by floods, long hours of travel without rest, and the extreme difficulty of managing the children's health issues like vomiting and near dehydration.

What is the current status of Dailyn Cabrera Lantigua in Uruguay?

Dailyn is currently awaiting the approval of her asylum application and the issuance of her ID card, which will enable her to begin working in Uruguay.

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