Tornado Spotted in Matanzas Community

Thursday, June 13, 2024 by Felix Ortiz

Tornado Spotted in Matanzas Community
Tornado that occurred on Wednesday afternoon in Matanzas - Image by © Collage Facebook/Yosier Argüeso Miranda

A tornado was observed on Wednesday afternoon in the La Carlota community, located in the Jovellanos municipality of Matanzas province. "Favorable atmospheric conditions, typical of this time of year, led to the formation of a funnel cloud, commonly known as a tornado," reported a local source.

"No damages have been reported so far; the sighting was merely a scare for those who witnessed the phenomenon from their balconies," the note added. However, the source clarified that local authorities are investigating any potential damage in areas near the sighting.

So far, Cuban state media has not updated any information regarding damages resulting from the meteorological event. This is the second such event in Matanzas province within a week. On June 5, a tornado caused material damage to nearly twenty homes in the San Antonio de Cabezas community in the Unión de Reyes municipality.

Marixma Miyares, director of the Provincial Meteorological Center, later clarified that the damages were the result of a "severe local storm" accompanied by strong winds, not a tornado. However, those who experienced it firsthand identified the phenomenon as a tornado.

In December of last year, another tornado struck the Los Arabos municipality, causing damage to at least 11 homes, although no injuries or loss of life were reported.

Key Details About Tornado Events in Matanzas

Here are some frequently asked questions that might help clarify the recent tornado events in Matanzas province.

What caused the recent tornado in La Carlota?

Favorable atmospheric conditions typical of this time of year led to the formation of the funnel cloud.

Were there any damages reported from the tornado?

No damages have been reported so far, and the sighting was merely a scare for residents.

How often do tornadoes occur in Matanzas?

Tornadoes are relatively rare in Matanzas, but this is the second tornado event in the province within a week.

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