Ulises Toirac Slams Lack of Police Presence After Brawl at Finca de los Monos: "And for a Sign, They're There in Minutes"

Thursday, June 13, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Ulises Toirac Slams Lack of Police Presence After Brawl at Finca de los Monos: "And for a Sign, They're There in Minutes"
Ulises Toirac / Fight at Finca de Los Monos, Havana - Image © Facebook Ulises Toirac / Social media

Cuban comedian Ulises Toirac took to social media to voice his concerns about a recent mass brawl that erupted at Finca de los Monos in Havana, an incident that has stirred substantial controversy and worry within the community. "I've been thinking about the Finca de los Monos incident. I've never seen anything like it. People with machetes? No police anywhere?" Toirac remarked on his Facebook profile.

He expressed astonishment at the public violence, particularly noting the absence of police intervention. "I've seen that for a sign... they're there in minutes. So... no sign, but machetes. That's the point?" questioned the popular artist.

Toirac indirectly referenced cases such as that of political prisoner Luis Robles, who was sentenced to five years in prison for peacefully protesting with a sign on the San Rafael Boulevard in Havana.

The event at Finca de los Monos was planned as part of the summer 2024 activities in Cuba. The organizers said the gathering reached a massive scale and "spiraled out of control." Videos posted on social media show the chaos escalating into a mass brawl, with teenagers from various gangs brandishing bladed weapons in broad daylight. The incident resulted in at least six injuries.

Despite the severity of the situation, Cuban authorities claim that there is a "media manipulation" of the case in social media and independent press, asserting that there were no fatalities during the altercation.

Toirac's statements reflect the widespread incredulity and concern over the increasing violence in spaces that should be safe for the youth in Cuba. The lack of an effective response from the authorities has been a recurring point of criticism among citizens and public figures alike.

Implications of the Finca de los Monos Incident

This section addresses common questions and concerns regarding the recent brawl at Finca de los Monos and the broader implications for public safety and governance in Cuba.

What sparked the violence at Finca de los Monos?

The violence erupted during a summer event that grew uncontrollably, leading to a mass brawl involving teenagers with bladed weapons.

How many people were injured in the incident?

The brawl resulted in at least six injuries, though there were no reported fatalities.

What has been the response from Cuban authorities?

Cuban authorities have downplayed the incident, suggesting there is media manipulation surrounding the case and asserting that no one died as a result of the altercation.

Why did Ulises Toirac criticize the police?

Ulises Toirac criticized the police for their absence during the violent incident, contrasting it with their swift action in other, less critical situations, such as peaceful protests.

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