Cuban Soldier Dies After Jumping from Military Bus in Villa Clara

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 by Matthew Diaz

Cuban Soldier Dies After Jumping from Military Bus in Villa Clara
Young Cuban soldiers (Reference image) - Image © Cuban News Agency

Leandro Muñoz Zamora, a 20-year-old soldier from Santa Clara, tragically died on Wednesday morning after jumping from a window of a bus operated by the Military Construction Company No-4 of Matanzas, marked with license plate B 194 585.

The state-run radio station CMHW, La Reina Radial del Centro, reported that the incident occurred around 10:00 AM at kilometer 254 of the National Highway in Villa Clara province. The young man died instantly due to the impact with the pavement, the report detailed.

The report states that Muñoz, along with 11 other soldiers, three civilians, and the driver, was traveling to the city of Matanzas to continue his mission as part of the Active Military Service (SMA).

This is not the first time a young Cuban soldier has committed suicide while serving in the SMA. In 2023, Julio César Correa Hernández reported that his grandson had taken his own life. "I want to make this global complaint, my grandson Maikol took his life during the mandatory service of this country," the man denounced on Facebook. In his post, the grandfather explained that his grandson, Maikol Arcia Hernández, suffered from mental disorders that had not been assessed by military medical authorities.

Cuban Military Suicides: Key Questions and Answers

The tragic death of Leandro Muñoz Zamora raises several important questions about the conditions and mental health support for soldiers in Cuba's Active Military Service.

What led to the death of Leandro Muñoz Zamora?

Leandro Muñoz Zamora died after jumping from a window of a military bus on the National Highway in Villa Clara.

How are mental health issues handled in Cuba's military?

There are concerns that mental health issues are not adequately assessed or treated by military medical authorities, as highlighted by the cases of Leandro Muñoz Zamora and Maikol Arcia Hernández.

Is suicide among Cuban soldiers a common issue?

While there is no comprehensive data available, multiple reported cases suggest that suicide among Cuban soldiers is a significant concern.

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