Cuban Mother Offers Reward for Finding Her Son's Lost Pet in Guantánamo

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 by Amelia Soto

Cuban Mother Offers Reward for Finding Her Son's Lost Pet in Guantánamo
Lost puppy and crying child - Image by © Yamileidis Domínguez Castillo / Facebook

A Cuban mother from Guantánamo is offering a reward of 10,000 pesos to anyone who finds her son's lost dog. Yamileidis Domínguez Castillo shared a photo of the pet in the Facebook group "Revolico Guantánamo," alongside a picture of her son, who is heartbroken over the loss.

"I am offering 10,000 pesos to the person who finds this dog, his name is Príncipe," she said. "My son is suffering greatly over his dog. Please call 52008566, 53210459, or 51221347. Don't doubt the reward of 10,000 pesos. God bless you," she added.

Yamileidis did not clarify whether Príncipe got lost or was stolen.

Increase in Reports of Lost or Stolen Pets

In recent months, there has been a surge in social media posts seeking help to recover lost or stolen pets. Many, like this case, offer rewards.

In early May, a young man in Guanabacoa offered a reward of 50,000 pesos to anyone who could provide information on his missing dog. "If anyone sees him or hears a dog barking where there wasn't one before, it could be mine," said Yoel Abraham González.

In April, a doctor offered a 20,000 peso reward to find his lost cat in the La Víbora area of Havana. The cat, named Pulgui, is three years old and white with orange spots. It is allergic and was wearing a black vest and a collar with the owner's name and phone number.

The economic and social crisis in Cuba has led to an increase in various forms of crime, including the theft of pets.

In December, the owner of a lost dog in Havana spent days seeking help to recover it. "It seems like it was abducted by aliens because no one has seen it and there's no trace of it," said Esperanza Fernández, a resident of Guanabo. She offered 6,000 pesos for its return or any information about it.

"It's clear someone has it captive, either to keep it or sell it, and it might have already been moved to another area," she lamented.

"If you sold it, the money won't last. You're punishing an old woman and her pet who have nothing to do with the misery you live in. If you've mistreated it... may God have mercy on you," she emphasized in another post.

FAQs on Lost Pets in Cuba

Given the rise in reports of lost or stolen pets in Cuba, here are some frequently asked questions and answers to provide more context and assistance.

What should I do if I find a lost pet in Cuba?

If you find a lost pet, check for any identification tags with contact information. You can also post a photo and details on local social media groups like "Revolico" to help locate the owner.

Why is there an increase in pet theft in Cuba?

The ongoing economic and social crisis in Cuba has led to a rise in various forms of crime, including pet theft. Pets, especially those of certain breeds, can be sold for significant sums of money.

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