Gordon Ramsay Seeks Genuine Cuban Cuisine: Locals Weigh In

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 by Amelia Soto

British chef Gordon Ramsay recently visited Havana in search of authentic Cuban cuisine, sparking a flurry of reactions on social media. His show, "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," will feature an episode dedicated to Cuba. Although the scenes have already been filmed, Cubans are keen to ensure that the chef experiences the true essence of their local culinary culture.

Local Recommendations for Gordon Ramsay

Here are some recommendations that Cubans have left for Gordon Ramsay for his next visit:

1. "Bring everything, including the apron." The suggestion is straightforward: he should be prepared for any eventuality. In a country where improvisation is the norm due to food shortages, the chef should bring all the ingredients, utensils, and even fuel if he wants to cook.

2. "Visit homes to see real Cuban culinary invention." They invite the chef to visit families to see how the lack of food forces them to reinvent and create dishes without basic products like eggs, milk, fats, wheat flour, meat, or fish.

3. "Live on 3,500 CUP for a month." The economic challenge involves making food for several people every day. Many Cubans have asked the chef to take on a "full immersion," daring him to live on the basic salary to understand the limitations and challenges of finding food in Cuba.

4. "Come to Miami. The authentic Cuban cuisine has emigrated." Several users highlight the phenomenon of emigration, with traditional flavors and dishes finding new life in the diaspora, in cities like Miami. The chef has already featured a program in the Florida Keys.

5. "Cook at Raúl Castro's house." Cubans sarcastically suggest that Ramsay would need to visit the homes of political figures to find ingredients.

6. "Make a good dish with moringa and marabú charcoal." This request has a touch of humor but also reflects a very real situation. Thousands of Cuban families, lacking milk or bread, only have moringa tea for breakfast before going to work.

7. "Visit Miguel Díaz-Canel to scavenge for food." This advice includes that during his stay in Cuba, the chef should drink lemonade to discover "the foundation of everything."

8. "Learn to fry without oil, make meat without meat, rice without rice, and beans without beans." In Cuba, he will need to demonstrate his true culinary skills because there will be times when he won't even have a pinch of salt.

9. Look beyond what the government allows him to see. "You came to the wrong place to experiment, as people like you are not shown the real dishes of current Cuban kitchens," said one reader.

This comment subtly highlights the government's control over the image projected of Cuba in international media, the strictness with which they conduct visits of prominent figures, and the media manipulation surrounding these issues that reflect the quality of life in Cuba.

Many people expressed skepticism about whether Ramsay will be able to witness the deprivation, shortages, and precariousness of current Cuban cuisine and reflect it in his show.

"It's so disappointing to see an internationally renowned chef looking for 'authentic Cuban food' in a country dying of hunger and misery!" lamented one user.

Several people voiced their discontent and concern about the visit of a figure with Ramsay's communication power, fearing that instead of sending a message to the world about the hardships faced by the Cuban people, he might transmit a false narrative aligned with the regime's interests.

The recommendations and requests from Cubans to chef Gordon Ramsay highlight the resilience, creativity, and daily challenges faced by Cuban cuisine.

While the British chef's visit promises a culinary adventure on the small screen, most people agree that Ramsay missed the opportunity to showcase the harsh reality of life on the island and contrast it with the ingenuity of its people.

For now, Ramsay should be given the benefit of the doubt, as the episode filmed in Havana will air on June 16. The preview offers interesting glimpses, with images of the chef "scavenging for food" and engaging in supervised spearfishing.

FAQs About Gordon Ramsay's Cuban Culinary Adventure

This section addresses some frequently asked questions about Gordon Ramsay's visit to Cuba for his show "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," and the reactions it has elicited from locals.

Why did Gordon Ramsay visit Cuba?

Gordon Ramsay visited Cuba to film an episode of his show "Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted," in which he explores authentic Cuban cuisine.

What challenges did locals suggest Ramsay experience?

Cubans suggested that Ramsay bring all his own ingredients, visit local homes to see how people cope with food shortages, and live on a basic Cuban salary to understand the economic challenges.

When will the episode filmed in Havana air?

The episode filmed in Havana is scheduled to air on June 16.

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