Son of Cuban Comedian Antolín El Pichón Hilariously Tries to Sell "Cuban Style" at Spanish Market: "Get Your Pots!"

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Yalian, son of Cuban comedian Antolín El Pichón (whose real name is Ángel García), has inherited his father’s passion for comedy and shares entertaining videos on TikTok for the enjoyment of his followers. In one of his latest videos, he appears as El Profesor Cubano (@el.profesor.cubano, his social media handle) attempting to sell items at a market in Spain, but in a distinctly Cuban manner, and without much success.

Despite the lack of interest from potential customers, his antics have drawn plenty of laughs from his Cuban followers, who praised him for his memory and sense of humor. Comments like "We've left Cuba, but Cuba hasn't left us," "What a memory, my God!" and "Yutapay sneakers, I haven't heard that in ages, they made your feet smell and when they were in the sun, you could fry an egg on them" reflect the joy his content brings.

Other comments included, "I was having dinner and almost choked from laughing," "If you leave him there, he’ll sell everything and close the market in less than half an hour," "How do you remember so many things I had forgotten?" "Many blessings, you remind me of the streets of Cuba," and "Brother, what a memory you have because you mentioned things I didn’t even remember existed hahaha."

Yalian's Comedic Market Attempt: Key Questions Answered

Given the popularity of Yalian's video, many viewers have questions about his comedic approach and how it resonates with Cuban culture. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Who is Yalian?

Yalian is the son of Cuban comedian Antolín El Pichón, whose real name is Ángel García. He shares comedic content on TikTok under the handle @el.profesor.cubano.

Why did Yalian's market video go viral?

Yalian's video went viral because of his humorous attempt to sell items in a uniquely Cuban style, which resonated with his Cuban followers and brought back nostalgic memories.

What kind of comments did Yalian receive?

Yalian received comments praising his memory, sense of humor, and the nostalgic feelings his video evoked among his Cuban followers.

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