Alejandro Cuervo Shares Heartwarming Moment Between Sons Bastian and Newborn Aston

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

The beloved Cuban actor Alejandro Cuervo has once again captivated his followers on Instagram with an adorable and emotional video. In the post, Cuervo showcased the reaction of his eldest son, Bastian, just over a year old, to seeing his dad hold his newborn brother, Aston, for the first time. Aston was born on the 4th of this month.

The scene captures the moment when Bastian, visibly jealous, tries to reclaim his dad's attention as he holds the little one. In the video's description, Cuervo commented, "First time holding Aston, Bastian started shouting 'daddyyyyy'."

The touching reaction of the little boy did not go unnoticed by Cuervo's followers, who quickly filled the comment section with well-wishes, experiences, and advice. Many empathized with the situation, noting that the arrival of a new sibling can be challenging for the youngest members of the family. "Bastian is very jealous... It was expected, but soon he will be the one who loves his brother the most"; "He's jealous, now comes the hard work. But it will be worth it; they are precious"; "It's normal, it's just a matter of time. Aston couldn't have a better life companion than Bastian"; "That's normal, it happened to us too, lots of patience"; "It's normal to be jealous. Handle it with care so he adapts well to his little brother," read some of the comments filled with support and suggestions for managing this stage for both children.

The actor, known for his close connection with his followers and his willingness to share personal aspects of his life, has once again struck a sensitive chord, showcasing the reality of fatherhood with authenticity and warmth.

Fans continue to send messages of support and love to the Cuervo family, celebrating this new chapter in the actor's life alongside his partner, the dentist Arletis Rodríguez. Together, they now face the beautiful challenge of fostering a loving relationship between the siblings in a new dynamic filled with love and learning.

Key Moments from Alejandro Cuervo's Family Life

Here are some frequently asked questions about the recent developments in Alejandro Cuervo's family life and their heartwarming moments.

When was Aston born?

Aston was born on the 4th of this month.

How did Bastian react to seeing his dad hold Aston for the first time?

Bastian, visibly jealous, tried to reclaim his dad's attention, shouting "daddyyyyy."

What have Cuervo's followers said about Bastian's reaction?

Followers have shared well-wishes, experiences, and advice, noting that jealousy is normal and that with time, Bastian will form a loving bond with his brother.

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