Reggaeton Star Rey Tony Reunites with His Mom in Cuba After Two Years

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Henry Cruz

Cuban reggaeton artist Rey Tony, based in Miami, recently traveled to Cuba and was finally able to embrace his mom after two years apart.

The singer shared a heartfelt video of the reunion on his Instagram, accompanied by the song “Cómo te pago” by Lenier Mesa.

“Two years without you, mom. Only I know how much I missed seeing you, giving you a kiss, hugging you. I couldn't wait for this day to come; the road felt so long, but I'm here to make up for all that lost time and great sacrifices. I love you so much,” the artist wrote in his post.

The video captures the moment Rey Tony arrives at his mom's house, and she throws herself into his arms as she opens the door.

Amid endless hugs, the mother kisses her son on the forehead, and he lifts her as if she were a small child.

Several of the reggaeton artist’s colleagues reacted to the touching video. “One of our greatest treasures is our mothers,” wrote El Chulo in the comments.

“Who said men don't cry? When mom gives us that hug, we become little kids again. Enjoy it, my king,” added producer Dispara Gatillo.

Rey Tony's tears upon seeing his mom are tears of joy and happiness. The longing of the past years was forgotten in that moment.

Rey Tony's Emotional Reunion with His Mom in Cuba

Here are some frequently asked questions about Rey Tony's recent visit to Cuba and his emotional reunion with his mother.

How long was Rey Tony away from his mother?

Rey Tony was away from his mother for two years.

Where is Rey Tony based?

Rey Tony is based in Miami.

What song did Rey Tony use in his Instagram video?

Rey Tony used the song “Cómo te pago” by Lenier Mesa in his Instagram video.

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