Santiago de Cuba PCC Leader on Rising Crime: "We Will Not Hesitate to Act"

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Daniel Colon

Beatriz Johnson, the First Secretary of the Communist Party in Santiago de Cuba, issued a stern warning during a meeting of party members. She emphasized that the regime will not hesitate to combat crime and corruption, sending a clear message to intensify efforts against the rising criminal activity in the province.

The state-run channel Tele Turquino aired a report on Tuesday featuring Johnson's statements: “What more do we need to wait for to take action?” she questioned, highlighting the leadership's concern over the evident increase in criminal activities in the so-called “Cradle of the Revolution.”

“We do not hesitate. We have never hesitated! And this moment will not be the time our hands or legs tremble,” Johnson declared. Her remarks come after she faced ridicule in March for her handling of public discontent that sparked protests on the 17th of that month.

“We must do whatever is necessary because we are defending something very significant,” she added, underscoring the regime's fear that Cubans are experiencing one of the worst economic crises in history, which could lead to mass protests at any moment.

Rising Crime Amid Economic Crisis

The scarcity and economic crisis in Santiago de Cuba are manifesting in increased violence and crime, a reality that the regime tries to conceal but is widely known thanks to activists, journalists, independent media, and citizen reports on social media.

Recently, a man was apprehended by residents of the San Pedrito neighborhood in Santiago de Cuba after allegedly stealing a cell phone from a young girl.

Additionally, the body of a man showing signs of violence was found near a bridge in the main city area a few days ago. “Apparently, the man was beaten, strangled, and then thrown from the bridge known as El Elevado,” a local source described.

Earlier this month, a teenage girl was hospitalized after suffering a sexual assault in the city of Santiago de Cuba, which occurred during a street party in the Reparto Artes y Oficios area.

FAQs on Crime and Economic Crisis in Santiago de Cuba

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the current state of crime and the economic crisis affecting Santiago de Cuba.

What measures is the regime taking to combat rising crime in Santiago de Cuba?

The regime has promised to intensify efforts against crime and corruption, as highlighted by Beatriz Johnson's recent statements. They have emphasized that they will not hesitate to take necessary actions.

How is the economic crisis contributing to the increase in crime?

The severe economic crisis in Santiago de Cuba has led to scarcity and desperation among the population, which in turn has contributed to a noticeable increase in violent crimes and theft.

What incidents have recently highlighted the crime issue in Santiago de Cuba?

Recent incidents include the apprehension of a man for allegedly stealing a cellphone from a young girl, the discovery of a man's body showing signs of violence, and the hospitalization of a teenage girl following a sexual assault.

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