Dozens Chant "Cuba for Christ" in Santiago de Cuba Streets

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Emily Vargas

Dozens of people marched through the streets of Santiago de Cuba on Tuesday, chanting "Cuba for Christ," as shown in videos circulating on social media. The clips, posted on Facebook by user Miguel Vaillant Garlobo, depict over two hundred Christians of all ages peacefully traversing various streets in the city. At the conclusion of the event, participants returned to their temple at the International Biblical Center, where they wrapped up the activity with music and dancing.

Last year, members of the Cuban Protestant Church took to the streets of Havana at night, also chanting "Cuba for Christ." Pastor Guillermo León of the Methodist Church was among those who participated in that heartfelt initiative.

In October, the U.S. government called for the release of Reverend Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo, a Protestant pastor from the Church of Monte de Sion in Palma Soriano, who is imprisoned for his role in the July 11 protests. He is serving a seven-year sentence for alleged crimes of assault, incitement to commit a crime, and contempt.

On June 3, a young Christian staged a peaceful protest on a central avenue in Santiago de Cuba, holding up a sign that read: "Freedom, Cuba for Christ." This event took place on one of the busiest streets in the eastern city. His peaceful demonstration evoked the case of political prisoner Luis Robles Elizástigui, who was sentenced to five years in prison in 2021 for protesting with a sign on San Rafael Boulevard in Havana.

FAQs on "Cuba for Christ" Protests

Here are some frequently asked questions about the recent "Cuba for Christ" protests and related events in Cuba.

Who organized the "Cuba for Christ" march in Santiago de Cuba?

The march was organized by local Christians and supported by the International Biblical Center.

What is the significance of the chant "Cuba for Christ"?

The chant "Cuba for Christ" signifies a call for religious freedom and spiritual revival in Cuba.

Why is Reverend Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo imprisoned?

Reverend Lorenzo Rosales Fajardo is serving a seven-year sentence for his involvement in the July 11 protests, accused of assault, incitement to commit a crime, and contempt.

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