Grandma Martha Agrees to Wear a Racy Thong for Miami's Summer Kickoff

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Grace Ramos

Ariel Ramos Perdomo is pulling out all the stops to bring Martha, the viral Cuban grandmother, to the United States for a special occasion. In a recent video call, he made her a very tempting offer.

As summer's start approaches in Miami, Ariel, who affectionately refers to himself as Martha's "grandson," wants her to join the festivities. However, there's a catch: she has to wear a thong.

In this humorous video, Ariel even dons a blonde wig to impersonate his mother, Martha's daughter, who appears to be more conservative. Martha's initial reaction to the thong request was, "Look at how much they talk sh*t there."

Despite her initial shock, Martha agrees to have a provocative swimsuit sent to her for the summer kickoff, but she insists on being paid in cash for her participation. "Should I wear it just on the edge of my butt?" she asks jokingly, surprising everyone with her youthful spirit.

When Ariel removes his wig and stops pretending to be his mother, Martha showers him with affectionate compliments, her love clearly overflowing.

Grandma Martha's Summer Adventure in Miami

Here are some common questions and answers regarding Grandma Martha's upcoming summer adventure in Miami.

Who is Ariel Ramos Perdomo?

Ariel Ramos Perdomo is the man affectionately referred to as the "grandson" of Martha, the viral Cuban grandmother. He is making efforts to bring her to Miami for a summer celebration.

Why does Grandma Martha need to wear a thong?

As part of a humorous and lighthearted proposal, Ariel asked Martha to wear a thong if she joins the summer kickoff festivities in Miami.

How did Grandma Martha react to the thong request?

Martha's initial reaction was one of surprise, but she eventually agreed to wear the provocative swimsuit, provided she is paid in cash.

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