Eduardo Antonio Announces Departure from Tamalazo de Krome

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Ava Castillo

Eduardo Antonio confirmed to his followers this week his farewell from Tamalazo de Krome, the venue where he hosted his family matinee every Sunday. "My cycle at Tamalazo de Krome has ended, and it ended because I was officially informed that it is indeed up for sale. I am a person who is constantly on the move, always reinventing myself, and I believe it's time to say that today is the day to thank you for the time we spent together, navigating a wonderful era filled with your love and applause," said El Divo in a video shared on his Instagram.

"Thank God, more doors always open in my life," the singer assured, announcing that this Sunday he will celebrate Father's Day with a fantastic show at Rincón Cubano. To reassure his fans, the artist added that the Sunday matinee will continue as he has just signed a contract with Añejo Restaurant. El Divo emphasized that the Sunday matinee is his project and, therefore, his show will not be affected by his departure from Tamalazo de Krome: "The family matinee is a project I invented, which I created to unite the family, to be with the Cuban family that is so fragmented."

Eduardo Antonio's Departure from Tamalazo de Krome: Key Details

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Eduardo Antonio's departure from Tamalazo de Krome and his future plans.

Why did Eduardo Antonio leave Tamalazo de Krome?

He left because he was officially informed that the venue is up for sale.

Will Eduardo Antonio's Sunday matinee continue?

Yes, he has signed a new contract with Añejo Restaurant, so the Sunday matinee will continue.

Where will Eduardo Antonio perform for Father's Day?

He will perform at Rincón Cubano.

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