Stunning Havana Mansion Listed for Just $220,000

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Ava Castillo

Stunning Havana Mansion Listed for Just $220,000
Mansion for sale in Havana. - Image by © Collage Facebook / Zabdiel Guerrero García

The recent listing of a mansion in Havana for the notable sum of $220,000 has sparked a frenzy on social media, amassing over 1,500 comments in just a few days. "There are only 12 mansions in Havana City and this is one of them," noted Zabdiel Guerrero García in the Facebook group Buy and Sell Cheap Houses in Havana.

The listing details that the "majestic" mansion, located in La Víbora, was built in 1930 and has been recently remodeled. It features two floors and covers 800 square meters of property area. The residence boasts seven bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms, along with a reception room, main living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry with countertop and sink, and a large porch.

Additionally, it has three terraces: one in the front and two at the back, a patio with another kitchen, laundry area, and service quarters. The mansion also offers three entrances, a closed garage for two cars, and parking space for four or more vehicles. The property is surrounded by a large garden area with pergolas around a main staircase, and the entire property is secured with a perimeter wall and gate.

According to the listing, the mansion includes amenities such as hot water, Wi-Fi, landline telephone, street gas, and some furnishings. Although not specified, the photos show a six-seat wooden dining set, a bedroom set, and some kitchen shelves. The property also comes with updated construction permits that allow for the building of a ranch or other additions.

"The price is $220,000 USD, negotiable," stated the post, generating a significant amount of reactions and comments. Many people noted that with that amount of money, anyone could emigrate from Cuba and purchase a house and car in another country.

Recently, the sale of an apartment in El Vedado, one of Havana's most sought-after areas, also caused a stir, as the property was valued at $120,000 USD. This apartment is located on a high floor of a well-maintained building, near iconic sites such as the FOCSA and the intersection of Línea and L streets.

The real estate agency Vedado y Más has repeatedly showcased properties priced over $100,000 USD as good investment opportunities.

Details About the Sale of the Havana Mansion

Here are some frequently asked questions about the mansion sale in Havana, providing further insight into the property and its features.

Why has this mansion caused such a buzz on social media?

The mansion's listing for $220,000 USD has caused excitement due to its rarity, historical value, and the extensive amenities it offers.

What are the main features of this Havana mansion?

The mansion includes seven bedrooms, four luxurious bathrooms, three terraces, a large garden, a garage, and several other amenities such as Wi-Fi and hot water.

Is the $220,000 USD price negotiable?

Yes, the listing states that the price is negotiable.

Are there other similar properties available in Havana?

While there are only a few mansions in Havana, the real estate agency Vedado y Más frequently lists properties valued over $100,000 USD, including apartments in sought-after areas like El Vedado.

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