Yulién Oviedo Addresses the Possibility of Collaborating with Cuban Duo Buena Fe

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Grace Ramos

Since last week, Yulién Oviedo has been a guest on various interview programs hosted by well-known influencers. Although he has sparked controversy by criticizing several artists and generating significant buzz, the singer never anticipated being asked if he would collaborate with the duo Buena Fe.

During an interview with Adrián Fernández and Romay, the latter posed the question to Yulién: "Wouldn't you like to make a song with Buena Fe?" The ensuing laughter, especially from Adrián Fernández, was more than enough to show that such a question was wholly unexpected.

Yulién seemed displeased with the suggestion, responding with a half-smile of annoyance: "This guy talks so much crap, seriously... You're so annoying, Romay." He then relaxed, laughing openly, and added, "That question is wild, no one expects a question like that, Romay, what's wrong with you, man?"

Ultimately, Yulién did not directly answer the question, but his reaction made it clear that the answer was a resounding no, turning the moment into a kind of joke that caught him off guard.

There's no doubt that a collaboration between any Cuban artist in Miami and Buena Fe would be highly criticized due to the duo's connections with the island's dictatorship.

In another show hosted by Adrián Fernández, Yulién Oviedo and La Diosa faced each other for the first time since their intense public feud. Despite a very tense moment, they managed to reconcile their differences.

Yulién Oviedo and Buena Fe Collaboration: Key Questions Answered

Given the surprising nature of the question regarding a potential collaboration between Yulién Oviedo and Buena Fe, here are some key questions and answers that provide more context.

Why was the question about collaborating with Buena Fe so unexpected?

The question was unexpected because Buena Fe is known for their ties to the Cuban regime, making any collaboration with them a controversial topic, especially for Cuban artists in Miami.

How did Yulién Oviedo react to the question?

Yulién Oviedo reacted with visible displeasure and surprise, laughing off the question and making it clear that he would not consider such a collaboration seriously.

What was the significance of Yulién Oviedo and La Diosa's reconciliation?

The reconciliation between Yulién Oviedo and La Diosa was significant as it marked the end of a public feud, showing that despite differences, mutual respect can be restored among artists.

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