Adopted Dog Travels from Cuba to Spain with Family

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Edward Lopez

Adopted Dog Travels from Cuba to Spain with Family
Adopted puppy in Cuba - Image by © Captura

In the midst of the Cuban migration crisis, a dog adopted in Havana has traveled to Spain with her family, who refused to leave her behind on the island. The dog, named Frida, was put up for adoption several months ago by the organization Cubanos en Defensa de los Animales (CEDA) after being found in poor conditions and at risk of being discarded by her former owners.

This Wednesday, the independent entity celebrated the news, stating, "Today, Frida travels to Spain with her adopter, who is emigrating from the country and did everything necessary to ensure Frida remains part of the family." CEDA expressed their joy in a Facebook post, saying, "We couldn't be happier for both." The organization also thanked the adopter for such a responsible adoption and advocated for more stories like Frida's, especially in a context where the Cuban migration crisis has led to the abandonment of thousands of pets on the island.

Last week, CEDA posted an image of another dog abandoned by its owners before they emigrated. The dog now spends its days standing at the door of what was once its home in Havana. By making this case public, activists urged Cubans to consider the responsibility of having a pet, emphasizing that these "sentient beings" suffer greatly when abandoned.

"The story repeats itself over and over. People leave the country and abandon such loyal animals, like this dog that continues to stand at the door of what was once its home," they lamented.

Understanding the Impact of the Cuban Migration Crisis on Pets

The Cuban migration crisis has not only affected humans but also has had a significant impact on pets. Here are some frequently asked questions to better understand this issue.

Why are so many pets being abandoned in Cuba?

The Cuban migration crisis has led many families to emigrate quickly, often leaving behind their pets due to logistical challenges and restrictions on animal travel.

How can organizations like CEDA help abandoned pets?

Organizations like CEDA rescue abandoned pets, provide medical care, and find new homes for them through adoption programs. They also raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.

What can emigrating families do to ensure their pets are not abandoned?

Families can prepare in advance by researching travel requirements for pets, arranging necessary vaccinations, and ensuring all documentation is in order. They can also reach out to organizations like CEDA for assistance.

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