Charly Surprises His Parents in Cuba with a Dream House Complete with Pool

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Amelia Soto

Cuban singer Carlos Coronado, known as Charly from the duo Charly & Johayron, has just fulfilled one of his biggest dreams: buying a house for his parents. After celebrating his 24th birthday in Miami, the Cuban artist shared the joyous news that he had purchased a new home for his parents in Cuba. He showcased the incredible gift on his Instagram account, uploading a video where he is seen revealing the new home to his parents, complete with a swimming pool.

"Thank you for who I am, for what I have, for what I learn, for what I've experienced, for the health I possess, and for the things yet to come!! Today, I fulfill another dream. WOW. Who would have told me three years ago that I could buy a house for my parents!! Dreams come true. My parents, who have given me everything!! Today, it's my turn to repay the favor. Here, this house is for both of you," wrote the singer of "Mi mentirosa" in the caption of the post.

The reactions were swift, with many colleagues and followers congratulating him on this achievement. They also praised him for being such a devoted son and expressed their pride upon seeing these images. "They deserve everything. Well done, namesake," "You are amazing," "Congratulations on fulfilling a dream we all long for," "Congrats, bro, that's every child's dream," and "Seeing mom happy is everything," are some of the messages dedicated to the singer alongside the video.

Charly's Heartwarming Gift to His Parents

The following questions and answers provide more insight into Charly's recent gesture and its impact, reflecting on his journey and the significance of this milestone.

Who is Carlos Coronado?

Carlos Coronado, also known as Charly, is a Cuban singer and one half of the musical duo Charly & Johayron.

What did Charly gift his parents?

Charly gifted his parents a new house in Cuba, which includes a swimming pool.

Where did Charly celebrate his 24th birthday?

Charly celebrated his 24th birthday in Miami.

How did Charly announce the gift to his parents?

Charly announced the gift to his parents via a video posted on his Instagram account, where he showed them their new home.

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