Heydy González Reveals What Happens When Eddy Borges Wakes Up with High Testosterone

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 by Hannah Aguilar

In the realm of intimacy, things can sometimes become quite complicated between Heydy González and Eddy Borges, especially when he wakes up with his most basic instincts fully aroused. The couple shared a hilarious video on their social media where they revealed what happens when "Chirry" is "all stirred up."

In these instances, all of Eddy's reactions to Heydy's comments are laced with a significantly sexual undertone and full of innuendos. "Love, we need to buy some meat," the artist says in the video, to which Eddy, with a predatory look, responds: "With bone or without bone?"

When she mentions that they're out of milk, he quickly adds: "I've got all you need." And if by any chance Heydy remarks that she doesn't have any eggs to make scrambled eggs, the singer has a ready solution: "I've got two, let's have breakfast."

According to Heydy, this behavior occurs when Eddy "wakes up with high testosterone," and by the end of the video, it's clear how this situation typically concludes.

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