Miss Dayana Speaks Out on Urban Music Feuds: "Disrespect is Unnecessary"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Miss Dayana is not typically among the Cuban artists often embroiled in controversies, yet the singer has her own views on the matter. In an interview with Ritmo 95.7, Dayana addressed the frequent clashes among the exponents of Cuba's urban music genre.

"I've known all of them for a very long time, and at first, I think there was always some controversy, but I believe it was somewhat based on respect," the singer stated.

According to the performer of "Hasta que te conocí," representatives of the genre are disrespecting each other, "quite a bit and unnecessarily."

"It's time to say 'we are grown men, we have had enough experiences, we are more mature, we can resolve issues differently.' They all know each other, I believe they all have each other's numbers; they can call and resolve any situation they have without the need for disrespect," the artist added.

Dayana also mentioned that some use these controversies to boost their numbers: "It can be a way to gain numbers, being in controversies on social media, pulling followers, but everyone manages their career as they see fit."

The most recent major feud in the genre was between El Taiger and Ja Rulay, which unfortunately escalated beyond social media and turned into a physical altercation between the reggaeton artists.

Understanding the Urban Music Feuds in Cuba

Here are some common questions and answers about the ongoing issues in Cuba's urban music scene:

Why are there frequent controversies in Cuba's urban music scene?

The urban music scene in Cuba is highly competitive, and artists often engage in feuds to boost their visibility and gain followers on social media.

What did Miss Dayana suggest as a solution to these controversies?

Miss Dayana suggested that the artists should handle their disputes privately through phone calls and respectful conversations, rather than publicly disrespecting each other.

How did the feud between El Taiger and Ja Rulay escalate?

The feud between El Taiger and Ja Rulay escalated from social media spats to a physical confrontation, highlighting the intensity of these disputes.

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