Tony Hernández Reflects on His Marriage to Sara Montiel: "I Truly Loved Her"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Grace Ramos

Tony Hernández Reflects on His Marriage to Sara Montiel: "I Truly Loved Her"
Tony Hernández and Sara Montiel - Image © Collage Vanity Fair and Lecturas

Two decades after one of the most controversial marriages of the time, between Sara Montiel and Cuban Tony Hernández, who was 36 years younger than the renowned actress, the controversy surrounding their relationship remains. The recent appearance of Hernández on the program Y ahora Sonsoles reignited the myth that has always followed the couple. Their relationship began with letters Hernández sent from the Caribbean island and culminated in a three-year marriage from 2002 to 2005.

"I was very happy with Sara, I truly loved her. It moves me to talk about her," declared the ex-husband of the well-known Sara Montiel. "I regret confronting her, because none of this would have happened," he lamented, referring to the statements he made during their breakup and subsequent divorce. "Her image was affected."

Hernández mentioned that he had always admired the singer and actress before becoming her husband. He recounted that when Montiel decided to divorce him, she claimed it was because of her children, saying she had to "take them back." According to Hernández, she told the press that her son was anorexic, which was not true, as he later confirmed. At that moment, he expressed feeling hurt.

Additionally, Hernández narrated that Sara Montiel was deceived into believing that he intended to take advantage of her, which led the actress to confront him publicly. "Was I going to take advantage of her? Of course not. Just consider that I have Spanish citizenship through my grandfather," he explained to Sonsoles. "All the Cubans who get involved with Spaniards end up living here (Spain), and I’m still in Cuba, struggling, because it’s tough here."

"Where’s my opportunism?" Hernández asked, revealing that despite the "war" between them, they maintained communication. "A month before she died, we spoke naturally," he confessed.

He also noted that Sara Montiel's close friends confessed that in private settings, she spoke well of him; however, on television, the narrative was quite the opposite. Hernández attempted to explain this by stating that Montiel had to maintain her ego on television and the story that the Cuban took advantage of her.

Montiel's marriage to Hernández was her fourth and final one. She had previously been married to director Anthony Mann, José Vicente, Ramírez Olalla, and businessman Pepe Tous, with whom she adopted her children, Thais and Zeus. Their relationship was always tumultuous and controversial, often described publicly as a media stunt due to their numerous television appearances and exclusive interviews.

Montiel was caught leaving the court after marrying Hernández but denied the marriage to the press to sell the exclusive, in a memorable moment where she exclaimed, "What’s going on? What?" as reported by Several websites agree that Tony Hernández was the last great love of Sara Montiel's life. However, they also note that he was the reason she distanced herself from her children.

"Since I learned of Sara's death in 2013, I have been very depressed and, for the first time in my life, I am seeing a psychologist. I am in complete depression and dream about her many nights. My conscience is clear, and no one can ever say that I took advantage of her. It deeply troubles me that people say her image was tarnished because of me. Sara never reproached me for anything," Hernández said after his ex-wife's death, as reported by

Details Surrounding the Relationship of Sara Montiel and Tony Hernández

The relationship between Sara Montiel and Tony Hernández has long been a subject of public interest and speculation. Below are some frequently asked questions to provide more insight into their controversial marriage.

Why was the marriage between Sara Montiel and Tony Hernández controversial?

Their marriage was controversial due to the significant age difference of 36 years and the public perception that it was a media stunt. Their numerous television appearances and exclusive interviews fueled this perception.

Did Sara Montiel's image suffer because of her marriage to Tony Hernández?

According to Tony Hernández, the public and media's perception of their relationship affected Montiel's image. He expressed regret for his role in the public confrontations and the subsequent impact on her reputation.

Did Sara Montiel speak well of Tony Hernández privately?

Yes, according to Hernández, Montiel's close friends revealed that she spoke positively about him in private, although her public statements on television suggested otherwise.

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