Cuban Entrepreneur: "We Are Humble, Music Is About Opportunities"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Elizabeth Alvarado

Yussef González is a 50-year-old native of Havana from the neighborhood of Los Sitios. He has lived in Spain for 23 years and for the past ten years, he has performed with his duo, Latidos, at parties, festivals, and public celebrations. He has also opened for Jacob Forever and Gente de Zona during their Spanish tours. He acknowledges that his group is skilled, but "it's very difficult to make a living from music." Therefore, he has to balance it with another job. "We are humble, music is about opportunities," he says.

González points out that in Spain, opportunities for artists are scarce. Banks do not grant loans to musicians like him to produce music videos or albums. Yussef González came from the artistic world in Cuba. In Havana, he performed with his group in the early morning shows at El Turquino and the famous cabaret Las Vegas, located in front of Radio Progreso. Their music was well-received, and they soon toured the Canary Islands, France... and on one of these tours, he stayed in Spain and did not return to Cuba.

He quickly formed a musical group but later put the project on hold. In the last ten years, he has been more consistent, and the group now has a track record. People know them, and those who see them perform often rehire them. However, he clarifies that those who want to live from this, without being in the music Olympus, must understand that payments are very modest and that passion is crucial in this job, as in many others.

This coming week, Yussef González will be performing at festivals in Andalusia, in Cádiz and Jaén. He will bring the rhythms of Cuban salsa and bachata. Don't expect reggaeton or reparto; his music is different. "It's about bringing the music of great artists to the towns of Spain."

Opportunities and Challenges for Musicians in Spain

Given the challenges Yussef González faces as a musician in Spain, here are some frequently asked questions that might provide further insight.

Why is it difficult for musicians like Yussef González to get loans in Spain?

Banks in Spain often consider musicians to be high-risk borrowers due to the uncertain and fluctuating nature of their income.

What types of music does Yussef González perform?

Yussef González performs Cuban salsa and bachata, steering clear of reggaeton and reparto.

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