Couple Gets Engaged During Seidy La Niña's Show: "I'm Overwhelmed with Love!"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Abigail Marquez

Couple Gets Engaged During Seidy La Niña's Show: "I'm Overwhelmed with Love!"
Couple gets engaged at Seidy's show - Image © Instagram / Seidy La Niña

Seidy La Niña witnessed a truly special moment during her latest performance as a couple unleashed their love and got engaged right on stage. The Cuban singer shared the video of this heartfelt proposal on her Instagram and invited all her followers to congratulate the couple.

"I'm overwhelmed with love! What a beautiful surprise. Love exists, people; don't stop believing in it. Let's congratulate them," she wrote in the post description.

The artist herself was in on the surprise, helping the young man onto the stage for his proposal and even declaring herself the matchmaker. The look of surprise on the bride-to-be's face was priceless when she realized what was happening.

While the young man knelt down to present the ring, Seidy softly sang her song "Cuando todo se acabe" with the audience joining in chorus. She insisted that the man make a proper proposal, and with the microphone in hand, he simply asked his girlfriend, "Do you accept, yes or yes?"

Seidy was the first to applaud the newly engaged couple, joined by cheers from the crowd. "Long live love!" she exclaimed to wrap up the moment.

FAQs About Seidy La Niña's Show and Engagement

Here are some frequently asked questions about the surprising engagement during Seidy La Niña's show.

Who is Seidy La Niña?

Seidy La Niña is a popular Cuban singer known for her emotive performances and engaging stage presence.

How did the proposal happen during the show?

The proposal took place during Seidy La Niña's latest performance. The singer helped the young man onto the stage, where he knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend while Seidy sang one of her songs.

What song did Seidy La Niña sing during the proposal?

Seidy La Niña sang her song "Cuando todo se acabe" softly while the young man proposed.

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