Brother of Cuban-American Woman and Her Three-Year-Old Son Killed in Miami Speaks Out

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Olivia Torres

Brother of Cuban-American Woman and Her Three-Year-Old Son Killed in Miami Speaks Out
Mother and son murdered - Image © Collage Capture by Telemundo 51

Michael Trujillo, the brother of the Cuban-American woman murdered alongside her three-year-old son by an ex-boyfriend who later committed suicide, has expressed his deep sorrow over the tragic event. "There is no scenario in which I could have imagined this happening. I still can't comprehend it. It's very difficult. There's a lot of pain. It's still a massive shock that something so horrific happened in our family," Trujillo told Telemundo 51.

The 43-year-old woman was in line in her vehicle to withdraw money from a Chase ATM in West Kendall, southwest Miami-Dade, last Friday when her ex-partner pulled up beside her and fatally shot both her and her son. "This was a huge shock. They had their drama, but we never imagined something this terrible could happen. I never thought he had the capability to do something so evil," the visibly emotional brother stated.

The four-year-old son of Odalys Bancroft, Theodore Couto—known as "Teddy"—had just graduated from PreK4. "Wherever he was, it was always a happier place with him around," Michael remarked about his nephew, the son of Odalys and Vicente Couto, also of Cuban descent. Teddy's father was present at the scene on Friday, desperate as police tried to console him.

Michael Trujillo mentioned that those who worked with his sister held her in high regard, something he says was evident after the tragedy. "She had a very big heart and everyone only has good things to say about her," Trujillo concluded about Odalys, who worked as a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where she had risen to a leadership position.

Eyewitness Accounts and Police Investigation

A witness recorded the chilling moments of the tragic incident, and in the video audio, a couple could be heard calling the police. Detective Luis Sierra of the Miami Police confirmed that the perpetrator was driving a truck and stopped outside the bank next to a minivan where the mother and son were waiting their turn at the ATM. The man exited and fired multiple shots with a long gun, then re-entered his vehicle, sat in the passenger seat, and took his own life.

A sergeant from the Kendall district of the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) was patrolling the area along Southwest 152nd Avenue when he heard the gunshots. Upon arriving at the scene, he found three bodies.

Odalys Bancroft, who identified herself as “Odalys María” on Facebook, served as the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Jackson Health System, where she began working in 2015 as a clinical nurse. Recently, she was involved with the Holtz Children's Hospital. According to Carlos Migoya, the institution’s CEO, she left a profound impact on the organization.

The family revealed that Odalys Bancroft had been married to Vicente Couto, and later had a boyfriend from whom she was trying to distance herself, even obtaining a restraining order. Family members have created two GoFundMe accounts to assist with the funeral expenses for Odalys and young Theodore.

Details on the Miami Tragedy Involving a Cuban-American Family

The following questions and answers provide further insights into the tragic events that unfolded in Miami, involving the Cuban-American woman and her young son.

Who were the victims in the Miami shooting?

The victims were Odalys Bancroft, a 43-year-old Cuban-American woman, and her three-year-old son, Theodore Couto.

Who was the perpetrator of the crime?

The perpetrator was Odalys Bancroft's ex-boyfriend, who committed suicide after the shootings.

What was Odalys Bancroft's occupation?

Odalys Bancroft worked as the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Jackson Health System and had a background as a clinical nurse.

How is the family coping with the tragedy?

The family is deeply shocked and in pain. They have created GoFundMe accounts to help with funeral expenses for Odalys and Theodore.

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