Laura Treto Reveals Her Cosmetic Surgery Results and Receives a Flood of Compliments

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Alex Smith

Laura Treto recently underwent a cosmetic surgery in Miami and has finally shared the results with her followers. "A rebirth," was the brief caption the Cuban actress wrote alongside a video on Instagram showcasing her transformation.

The artist opted for a liposuction with transfer, and since the surgery, she informed her followers that her goal wasn't to achieve a figure like Jennifer Lopez, but rather to look natural. As expected, compliments from her fans poured in, many praising her for choosing a moderate change that aligns with her physique.

"Some people are commenting that there's no change and that she looks the same; it's a natural, simple change, not those horrible balloon-like enhancements. Humanity is lost," read one comment. "She went for a normal, natural look, not like others who look like they have a drum with skinny legs," said another.

Other fans chimed in: "The change is noticeable. It's amazing; I love the natural look. You look like a diva. But the most important thing is that you see it and love what you see in the mirror," "You look gorgeous," and "Very beautiful," were some of the reactions.

In one of her Instagram stories, Laura compared the before and after of her surgery, and the difference is evident. After the operation, the actress faced criticism, especially from women, to which she responded by saying, "It's a shame that we women attack each other so much."

Laura Treto's Cosmetic Surgery: Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Laura Treto's recent cosmetic surgery and her experience.

What type of cosmetic surgery did Laura Treto undergo?

Laura Treto underwent a liposuction with transfer procedure.

Where did Laura Treto have her surgery?

Laura Treto had her cosmetic surgery in Miami.

How did Laura Treto's followers react to her surgery results?

Her followers were very supportive and praised her for choosing a natural and moderate change.

How did Laura Treto respond to criticism about her surgery?

Laura Treto expressed disappointment that women often criticize each other so harshly.

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