Reactivation of Pioneer Action Forces in Santiago de Cuba: Children to Support Economic and Social Activities

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

The regime plans to reactivate the Pioneer Action Forces (FAPI) in Santiago de Cuba, an initiative aimed at involving children in economic and social activities during the summer, according to official sources.

In a meeting held between Beatriz Johnson, First Secretary of the Party, and student and youth leaders of the municipality of Palma Soriano, it was announced that the reactivation of the so-called FAPI will be part of the initiatives to be implemented during the summer season, reported the official channel Tele Turquino.

In a context marked by inflation, worsening economic crisis, and blackouts, the regime seeks to create social awareness in children by involving them in activities related to schools and communities during the summer.

Background of FAPI

In the past, FAPI took children to nearby economic entities to help clean areas, beautify gardens, recycle raw materials, and perform other similar tasks.

The official report cited Lisbeth Ramírez, First Secretary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) in the province, who noted that the idea is for children and youth to combine recreational activities with "supporting productive tasks, social growth in neighborhoods and communities in transformation, and in their own residential areas" during the summer.

With all this, the government attempts to "rescue" old formulas that once motivated children, adolescents, and young people to engage in initiatives advocating for community development and active participation in the country's economic and social life.

Recently, the regime has revived another of these old initiatives with the return of the so-called "Click Patrols," through which children will be employed to monitor electricity consumption in their homes and communities.

This program, promoted by the UJC and the José Martí Pioneer Organization (OPJM), has been recently relaunched.

Through a new propaganda spot, the government urges schools and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) to mobilize children "to contribute to energy savings" throughout the country.

The "Click Patrols" are responsible for visiting homes and workplaces within the area of influence of the CDRs.

FAQs about the Reactivation of FAPI in Santiago de Cuba

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the reactivation of Pioneer Action Forces (FAPI) and their impact on children and communities in Santiago de Cuba.

What is the purpose of reactivating FAPI?

The purpose is to involve children in economic and social activities, creating social awareness and contributing to community development during the summer.

Who are the key figures involved in this initiative?

Key figures include Beatriz Johnson, First Secretary of the Party, and Lisbeth Ramírez, First Secretary of the Union of Young Communists in the province.

What activities will children be involved in?

Children will be involved in cleaning areas, beautifying gardens, recycling raw materials, and other productive tasks in their communities.

What is the "Click Patrols" initiative?

The "Click Patrols" initiative involves children monitoring electricity consumption in their homes and communities, aiming to promote energy savings.

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