Tony Lugones Ties the Knot in Havana: "It Was a Dream Come True"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Felix Ortiz

The Cuban presenter, actor, and singer Tony Lugones and his partner finally said "I do" during a beautiful ceremony in Havana last week. Social media platforms were abuzz with this unique and unforgettable moment in his life, radiating happiness.

"A small summary of my wedding, it was a dream come true. Thanks to everyone who was with me during this special and beautiful moment. Yes, I kept it under wraps, especially about my children and my relationship, because I wanted to keep something so valuable to me away from everything, but today was the bomb," Lugones confessed on his Facebook profile, sharing several photos and videos of his wedding.

For the occasion, the Cuban presenter chose an elegant red suit, while his partner donned an all-white ensemble. Amidst laughter and mutual understanding, the couple exchanged vows to seal their matrimonial bond and promise a lifetime together. Their children, loved ones, and friends joined them on this unforgettable day.

The wedding of the artist from Sancti Spíritus, held at Casa Italia, was officiated by his friend and actress Maikel Amelia. "Don't be afraid when it gets dark; remember that stars come out in the darkness. Thanks to all the people who made such a magical, unique, elegant night possible. It will forever be etched in my memory and, I believe, in everyone else's," he added in another Instagram post.

In an interview with the portal Cubaactores, Tony Lugones shared that he met his husband Manuel through social media: "When I met him, I said to myself, 'This is the person I want to grow old with, this is the person I want to spend my life with.'"

Key Details about Tony Lugones' Wedding

Here are some frequently asked questions about the wedding of Tony Lugones, providing more insights into this special event.

Where did Tony Lugones' wedding take place?

The wedding took place at Casa Italia in Havana.

Who officiated Tony Lugones' wedding?

The wedding was officiated by his friend and actress Maikel Amelia.

What did Tony Lugones wear to his wedding?

Tony Lugones wore an elegant red suit, while his partner wore white.

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