Young Woman Fuses Cuban and Mexican Flavors in Unique Taco Recipe

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Oscar Fernandez

A young woman recently shared a video on social media, showcasing how to prepare a Mexican taco recipe while embracing the culture of that country, but with a Cuban twist. “To connect a bit more with Mexican culture, I decided to make some homemade tacos, adding my own touch,” said Yoliene, a Cuban, in a video posted on Facebook.

This time, the young woman chose whole wheat tortillas. In Mexico, natives prefer corn tortillas; however, among Cubans, those made with wheat are more popular. The “Cuban-style” recipe also includes avocado, lime, bell pepper, tomato, white onion, Manchego cheese, olive oil, and ground beef or picadillo.

After sautéing the bell pepper and onion in olive oil, she cooked the ground beef, “which in Cuba we call picadillo,” the young woman clarified. She also demonstrated the preparation of guacamole, made with avocado, onion, tomato, lime, and olive oil.

“We added Manchego cheese to the tortilla,” letting it melt. Finally, the video showed the final preparation: the tortilla with cheese was topped with the ground beef, guacamole, spices, and “this is how it turned out: Delicious!”

It is common for Cuban immigrants, in this cultural exchange, to blend the deep-rooted traditions of their homeland with those of their new country of residence.

A Cuban in Paraguay set out to discover the cuisine of his new place of residence, admitting that the world of new flavors unfolding before his eyes has left him amazed. The young man, known as Harche Vlogs on TikTok, expressed, “My God, how easy it is to make a Cuban happy!” in a video where he is seen tasting several dishes from Paraguayan cuisine.

The three dishes that paraded before the Cuban were chipitas, mbellú, and homemade boríu, eliciting several gestures of genuine enjoyment and culinary delight.

Exploring Cuban and Mexican Culinary Fusion

In this section, we will address common questions regarding the fusion of Cuban and Mexican flavors as demonstrated by Yoliene's unique taco recipe.

What are the main ingredients in Yoliene's Cuban-style taco recipe?

The main ingredients include whole wheat tortillas, avocado, lime, bell pepper, tomato, white onion, Manchego cheese, olive oil, and ground beef or picadillo.

How does Yoliene's taco differ from traditional Mexican tacos?

While traditional Mexican tacos typically use corn tortillas, Yoliene uses whole wheat tortillas. She also incorporates Cuban-style ground beef, known as picadillo, and Manchego cheese.

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