Organizer Responds to Criticism Over Failed Party at Finca de los Monos in Havana

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Edward Lopez

Organizer Responds to Criticism Over Failed Party at Finca de los Monos in Havana
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Araiz Torres, associated with Klatus Creativo, the main sponsor of the event that ended this past weekend with at least half a dozen young people injured at Finca de Los Monos in Havana, stated that "institutional communication failed at all levels." She clarified that "it was never informed that the activity was not authorized," which contradicts the Havana government’s statements.

In a text filled with sarcasm and irony, the entrepreneur—who noted that she is not a government official or state worker—argued that she did not need to know or verify the protocols and that the request was made in writing. She added that it is now easier to hide behind "bureaucracy" to explain what happened and declared she would not give up on "a better possible world."

"Seriously, does anyone think that both my project and the Finca woke up saying: ‘Today is a beautiful morning for a massive and uncontrolled activity of teenagers, let's do it?’” Torres quipped at the beginning of an extensive text in which she lamented the failed proposal for adolescents, "so necessary and accessible for the summer."

"As an entrepreneur—because I am not a government official, nor a state worker, I am independent; as a mother of a teenager who knows their needs, as a grandmother, as a professor, and a creator who has based her career on creativity, the training of new generations, the defense of culture and language—I think the power of social media and the need for proposals like these was underestimated," she added. This argument aligns with the explanation given by Finca de Los Monos.

Torres mentioned that there are now fewer resources and that a similar activity would require "so many requirements" that it would be almost impossible to carry out.

"It was never informed that it was not authorized or suspended, so institutional communication failed at all levels because all the involved parties were there for its realization in total ignorance, after a nationally approved promotion," she added.

The Cuban entrepreneur said that teenagers still lack options, that there is a need to adapt to current dynamics, and that "it is easier to hide behind bureaucracy."

"I am at peace knowing that it was informed in writing, that the participating teenagers who were inside the facility—more than 400—were protected, that access to the institution was immediately stopped when we responsibly saw that the audience was growing exponentially," she specified.

"I do not have to know or verify the protocols; I was providing a service, and the request for external support was made in writing. I feel second-hand embarrassment and will not give up on a better possible world," she concluded.

Klatus Creativo is a business with more than four years of experience that "provides audiovisual and computer production services, advertising campaigns, events, and fairs."

Araiz Torres, linked to RTV Comercial according to her Facebook page and the mastermind behind Klatus Creativo, organized the Habanarte at Finca de los Monos as part of its cultural initiative. She had promoted the event on television and even shared her appearance on social media.

Government Response and Public Reactions

"Habanarte, in symbiosis with the Cerro government, with the management of Finca de Los Monos, we are creating a whole series of events for the five-year anniversary of Finca de Los Monos, and we will do this activity for the start of summer," Torres said during her TV appearance, implying that the activity was known and approved at all levels.

During the appearance, Torres stated that the activity would be aimed at teenagers between 12 and 18 years old, arguing that it is essential to offer them healthy places. She added that there would be "spaces of their interest" and other cultural proposals.

A poster promoting the event presented it as the "Start of Youth Summer 2024," scheduled to take place between 5 and 11 p.m., with an entry fee of 100 pesos and featuring new artists in the urban genre.

The Havana government denied this Sunday that there were any deaths during the massive fight that took place on Saturday evening around Finca de los Monos.

Hours after the news went viral on social media, the governmental entity published a statement calling the reports of youth deaths "false" and explaining that the incident was related to "an unauthorized activity," during which "an order disruption occurred during the movement to the exterior areas of the facility."

The official source initially reported that the incident resulted in two injuries without life-threatening conditions and that government and National Revolutionary Police (PNR) authorities intervened to restore order. The text also attacked independent media and social media profiles that reported the incident. Despite the clarifications, the fight left strong images of young people armed with machetes and other sharp objects, demonstrating the high level of violence in the country.

In recent hours, government spokesperson Humberto López raised the number of injured to six and reiterated the false nature of the information that went viral on social media. As usual, the official denial came late when social media was already ablaze with inflated numbers of dead and injured.

This situation, which is also recurrent in Cuba, prompted a brief but accurate reflection from the popular actor Luis Silva: "Do you know why there are so many Fake News? Because you take too long to give the Real News," the actor concisely summarized his feelings in his Instagram stories, in a clear yet veiled reproach to the government.

Key Questions About the Finca de los Monos Incident

This section addresses some critical questions regarding the failed event at Finca de los Monos, aiming to clarify the incident and its repercussions.

What caused the incident at Finca de los Monos?

The incident was caused by a massive and uncontrolled gathering of teenagers during an unauthorized event, which led to a public order disruption and violence.

How many people were injured during the incident?

Initially, it was reported that there were two injuries. However, government spokesperson Humberto López later updated the number to six.

Was the event at Finca de los Monos authorized?

According to Araiz Torres, the event was authorized and promoted at the national level. However, the Havana government contradicted this, stating the event was not approved.

What measures were taken during the incident?

Authorities, including the National Revolutionary Police, intervened to restore order. Access to the facility was also stopped when the crowd started growing exponentially.

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