Luis Silva Shares Insights on Why Fake News Thrives in Cuba

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Richard Morales

Luis Silva Shares Insights on Why Fake News Thrives in Cuba
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Popular Cuban actor and comedian Luis Silva needed few words to explain the prevalence of Fake News in Cuba. In a veiled yet obvious reference to the massive brawl that recently occurred at the Finca de Los Monos in Havana, which left several young people injured according to official sources, Silva highlighted the delayed response from the government. "Do you know why there are so many Fake News? Because you take too long to give the Real News," he succinctly stated in his Instagram stories, clearly criticizing the government's tendency to delay information.

The Havana government denied on Sunday the rumors of fatalities during the brawl that took place on Saturday evening around the recreational area of Finca de Los Monos, located in the Cerro municipality. Hours after the news went viral on social media and amidst the silence from official media, the government decided to issue a statement dismissing the reports of deaths. The statement explained that the incident was related to an "unauthorized activity" where "a disturbance occurred during the movement to the exterior areas of the facility."

The official source initially reported that the incident resulted in two non-life-threatening injuries and that government authorities and the Revolutionary National Police (PNR) intervened to restore order. The statement also criticized independent media and social media profiles that reported the incident. "Once again, the unscrupulous behavior of individuals and media outlets trying to discredit our society with falsehoods is evident," the statement concluded.

The brawl left shocking images of armed gangs wielding machetes and other sharp objects, highlighting the high level of violence in the country. In recent hours, official spokesperson Humberto López increased the number of reported injuries to six. Additionally, an institutional clarification note from the authorities at Finca de Los Monos admitted that they "underestimated the event's draw power."

Although Cuban authorities labeled the event as "unauthorized," videos and promotional posts on social media revealed that it had indeed received approval from the relevant authorities. Silva's brief yet poignant observation pointed directly at the government's usual practices of silence, secrecy, and omission, which are characteristic of a regime that prefers to ignore information domains it does not wish to bring to light.

Understanding the Spread of Fake News in Cuba

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the issue of Fake News in Cuba, based on the insights provided by Luis Silva and recent events.

Why does Fake News proliferate in Cuba?

Fake News spreads in Cuba primarily due to the government's delay in providing real news. This gap in timely information creates a fertile ground for rumors and false reports to flourish.

What was the incident at Finca de Los Monos?

The incident at Finca de Los Monos was a massive brawl involving young people, which resulted in injuries and highlighted the high level of violence in Cuba. The government initially delayed reporting on the event, leading to the spread of false news.

How did the government respond to the Fake News?

The government eventually issued a statement denying the deaths reported in the Fake News and clarified that the event was an unauthorized activity where a disturbance occurred. They criticized independent media for spreading false information.

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