Biden's Immigration Policies Overload CBP One Mobile App

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Amelia Soto

The immigration measures approved by the Biden Administration have caused a significant overload in the CBP One mobile app. This app is crucial for migrants at the border to schedule appointments and present their asylum cases at U.S. ports of entry. CBP One grants 1,450 appointments per day, and the Biden Administration has stated that this number will not be increased. The high volume of people attempting to use the platform has been causing technical issues for some time, and the situation is expected to worsen.

Journalist Alexis Boente interviewed immigration attorney Avelino González, who highlighted the main challenges migrants face when trying to book appointments through the CBP One app. "Appointments take an incredibly long time. The process is quite random. In many border areas, the signal is poor, and people cannot communicate effectively. The photo scanner does not work correctly," González noted.

Last week, the Democratic president assured that the possibility of seeking asylum "will remain available" for those looking to emigrate legally to the United States by scheduling an appointment through the CBP One app. "Migrants will not be able to receive asylum at our southern border unless they apply after entering through a legal process. For those seeking to come legally to the U.S., such as making an appointment (CBP One) and arriving at a port of entry, asylum will remain available," Biden stated from the White House.

This means there will be a larger number of migrants trying to secure an appointment through the CBP One mobile app, the same number of daily appointments granted, and therefore, a higher likelihood of the technological tool experiencing a collapse.

Once a migrant manages to access the application, appointments can take up to five months to materialize. The waiting periods, under extremely complex conditions, can be unbearably long for many families and vulnerable individuals.

In May, before the possibility of Biden signing the executive order was known, CBP stated that they are "aware that the appointment system is not functioning correctly" and assured that they are working to "resolve these issues as quickly as possible."

Key Issues with the CBP One Mobile App

Below are some common questions and answers regarding the current problems with the CBP One mobile app and the challenges faced by migrants.

Why is the CBP One app experiencing technical issues?

The app is overloaded due to the high volume of migrants attempting to book appointments, combined with technical limitations and poor signal in many border areas.

How long does it typically take to get an appointment through CBP One?

Appointments can take up to five months to be scheduled, causing significant delays for migrants in complex conditions.

What has the Biden Administration said about increasing the number of daily appointments?

The Biden Administration has stated that they do not plan to increase the number of daily appointments, which currently stands at 1,450.

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