Leo Leyva Praises Iraisel Pintueles' Hip Movements: "More Moves Than Shakira"

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Madison Pena

Dozens of compliments poured in for Iraisel Pintueles after she posted a video sensually moving her hips on her Instagram profile. However, the most special praise came from Cuban athlete Leonardo Leyva, known as King Leo.

Wearing a black bodysuit and dark jeans, the Cuban entrepreneur showcased her best dance moves to the rhythm of the music, swaying her hips from side to side while crouching down. Unable to resist, Leo Leyva commented, "More moves than Shakira, just look at her." This remark comes amid growing speculation that the pair might be back together.

Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the young couple has rekindled their relationship after breaking up last year. Alongside Leyva's comment, other social media users left remarks like, "Ira, you're bringing out the forbidden moves," "You need to be born again to get to that level," "Great job getting all the way down, that's what training is for," "Tremendous dance," and "Amazing."

Adding fuel to the reconciliation rumors, the volleyball player recently posted a message that could hint they are indeed back together. He wrote on another Instagram post, "You can't be intimidated by who your partner is because if you're with a woman and you have to be in the public eye, it's time invested. See the reality and decide to stay; not everyone is willing to do that. But if you have a partner who truly loves you, they'll be there and let you fly as high as you can. They won't make life heavier; they'll support you through the process without feeling like it's a competition. You'll realize they are your team. I don't care about public scrutiny because my private life is my private life, but no matter how private I want to keep it, it's already public. Acceptance, complicity, a choice."

Despite these words, everyone is eagerly awaiting a photo of them together to confirm their romance officially.

Leo Leyva and Iraisel Pintueles Relationship Rumors

The buzz around Leo Leyva and Iraisel Pintueles' potential reconciliation has sparked numerous questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Are Leo Leyva and Iraisel Pintueles back together?

While there have been hints and social media posts suggesting they might be back together, there is no official confirmation yet.

What did Leo Leyva say about their relationship?

Leo Leyva posted a message on Instagram about investing time in a relationship and the importance of support and acceptance from a partner.

What was Iraisel Pintueles doing in the viral video?

In the video, Iraisel Pintueles was dancing sensually, showing off impressive hip movements while wearing a black bodysuit and dark jeans.

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