Three-Vehicle Collision in Busy Havana District Leaves No Injuries

Monday, June 10, 2024 by Sofia Valdez

No casualties were reported in a three-vehicle collision that occurred this Saturday on the bustling Reina Street near its intersection with Galiano in Centro Habana. The accident involved a Guardia Operativa car from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), a public transport taxi known as a "gacela," and another car of the Lada brand.

According to a post in the Facebook group "Accidentes Buses & Camiones por más experiencia y menos víctimas!," the MININT vehicle's front tire burst after hitting the pavement, causing the steering to break and veer into the "gacela," leading to the collision. Subsequently, the military vehicle was struck by a Lada car traveling nearby.

The accident report sparked numerous humorous comments speculating about who would bear the responsibility, given the involvement of a police car. However, beyond the jokes and sarcasm, many opinions pointed to the poor condition of Cuba's motor vehicle fleet, both state-owned and private, due to the lack of spare parts and replacements to keep vehicles in optimal condition.

Some critics noted that drivers of military organization cars often "believe they are superheroes," bypass mandatory technical inspections (known as 'somatón'), and are "the ones who most violate traffic laws" in the country. Others expressed concern about the speed at which the MININT car was traveling on such a busy street and, notably, the damage sustained by the "gacela," which would reduce public transport services amid Havana's ongoing transportation crisis.

An article from the official newspaper Tribuna de La Habana highlighted in May the reduction in traffic accidents, fatalities, and injuries—by 214, 31, and 18, respectively—in the capital during the first quarter of the year compared to the initial three months of 2023.

Just the previous week, a severe accident in Camajuaní, Villa Clara, resulted in one death and injuries to 26 others, all Canadian tourists traveling from Cayo Santamaría to Abel Santamaría International Airport on a Transgaviota bus. In the previous year, there were 8,556 traffic accidents in the country, resulting in 729 deaths and 5,938 injuries.

Insight into the Traffic Accident in Havana

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the recent three-vehicle collision in Havana's busy district.

What caused the three-vehicle collision in Centro Habana?

The collision was caused by a burst front tire on a MININT vehicle, which led to a broken steering wheel and a subsequent collision with a public transport taxi known as a "gacela." The military vehicle was then struck by a nearby Lada car.

Were there any injuries reported in the accident?

No, there were no injuries reported in the three-vehicle collision in Havana.

What were the public reactions to the accident?

The public reactions included humorous comments speculating on responsibility due to the involvement of a police car. However, there were also serious concerns about the poor condition of vehicles in Cuba and criticisms of military drivers for often violating traffic laws.

How has the traffic accident rate changed in Havana recently?

According to the official newspaper Tribuna de La Habana, there has been a reduction in traffic accidents, fatalities, and injuries during the first quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2023.

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