Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba Pleads to Our Lady of Charity Amid Emigration Crisis

Sunday, June 9, 2024 by Zoe Salinas

Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba Pleads to Our Lady of Charity Amid Emigration Crisis
Archbishop Dionisio García Ibáñez - Image © Collage screenshot Facebook / Archdiocese of Santiago de Cuba

At the feet of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, Monseñor Dionisio García Ibáñez, fervently prayed during Sunday's Eucharist for those suffering the consequences of emigration in the country. "To the workers striving to provide a decent home for their loved ones; to those grieving the emigration of spouses, children, grandchildren, friends," García expressed during a prayer of supplication, as published by the Archdiocese of Santiago de Cuba on Facebook.

In his plea, Monseñor García also included "the mothers struggling to feed their children; those tirelessly searching for medicines for their sick; the families of prisoners dreaming of seeing them return home healthy one day," alluding to the pressing issues of Cuban reality.

Among these, he highlighted the economic crisis and its impact on families, such as the scarcity of food and medications. He also addressed the situation of political prisoners in the regime’s jails, where families, often desperate due to the lack of justice, yearn to see them return safely with minimal consequences.

García further emphasized those who "suffer from violence and theft, and those facing numerous material and spiritual hardships." This phenomenon is increasingly prevalent in today's society, as crime often correlates with the rise of issues stemming from the economic crisis.

Additionally, he mentioned that "love" is found today in "the children who tenderly care for the elderly at home; those who help family and friends from other lands; neighbors who share in each other’s joys and sorrows; and so many who selflessly serve their fellow man," showcasing his faith in the Cuban people despite their hardships.

Finally, in his supplication, the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba expressed that the people possess "potential," and on this subject, he invited everyone to learn to live in harmony, "with one heart and one soul, with different ways of thinking, and together, find solutions that lead us to be born in peace, work in peace, eat in peace, and die in peace."

Last March, during the Palm Sunday Eucharist, García asked Our Lady of Charity of Cobre for electricity, food, and freedom, stating it was merely echoing the requests pilgrims make to the Patroness of Cuba. "We want to live with more ease, we want to try to live a normal life where everyone can make their own plans, their life project, where life isn’t a constant struggle and perpetual work," García Ibáñez said at the feet of the Virgin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Archbishop's Plea Amid Emigration Crisis

In light of Archbishop Dionisio García Ibáñez's fervent plea to Our Lady of Charity, several questions arise regarding the broader context and implications of his prayer. Here, we address some of the most pertinent queries to provide a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

What are the main issues highlighted by Archbishop García in his prayer?

The Archbishop highlighted several critical issues including the economic crisis, scarcity of food and medications, the plight of political prisoners, and the overall material and spiritual hardships faced by the Cuban people.

How does the Archbishop view the Cuban people's potential?

Archbishop García believes that despite their struggles, the Cuban people have great potential. He encouraged them to live in harmony, with different viewpoints, and to find collective solutions for a peaceful existence.

Why did the Archbishop mention love in his prayer?

He mentioned love to highlight acts of kindness and support within the community, such as caring for the elderly, helping from abroad, and the solidarity among neighbors, underscoring his faith in the Cuban people's resilience and compassion.

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