Yeiko the Dog Makes Remarkable Recovery, Celebrated by Animal Advocates in Sancti Spíritus

Sunday, June 9, 2024 by Isabella Sanchez

Animal advocates in the province of Sancti Spíritus celebrated on Friday the swift recovery of Yeiko, a dog who was brutally attacked with a machete by a man last May. They shared an emotional video of the dog barking at the street.

The ARCA Foundation Sancti Spíritus, which raised the alarm and provided first aid and care for the dog, posted a reel on Facebook showing Yeiko in good health and very active, a clear sign of his proper recovery. In the video, the dog is seen looking out from the porch and barking at something that catches his attention in the street. In the background, a female voice can be heard saying, "Where is he going? He's just making noise."

This Saturday, the same animal protection organization shared an image on Facebook showing Yeiko with an uncovered but healed wound, looking very active and in good shape. The post was widely celebrated by their followers, who had initially been outraged by the violence Yeiko suffered and then closely followed every step of his recovery.

Recently, the organization shared some images of the dog's recovery. "It's incredible how much Yeiko has improved; the wound is practically healed, and he behaves very well during his treatment," they noted on Facebook, continuing the story of this dog who was a victim of a violent and cruel act.

A Community Rallies Behind Yeiko

"Go Yeiko, you can do it, you're almost there," ARCA posted while sharing images of the dog with his owner, who found him after he was rescued and underwent surgery.

On May 20, the ARCA Foundation Sancti Spíritus became aware of the brutal attack on this dog, which immediately demanded their efforts to save his life. "While everyone was sleeping, our foundation suffered alongside the medical team who fought tirelessly to save Yeiko's life," they stated on Facebook, denouncing the horrendous crime.

Yeiko's Recovery and Community Support

The following questions and answers provide more details about Yeiko's recovery and the community's support for him.

What happened to Yeiko?

Yeiko was brutally attacked with a machete by a man in May, leading to severe injuries.

Who helped Yeiko during his recovery?

The ARCA Foundation Sancti Spíritus raised the alarm, provided first aid, and took care of Yeiko during his recovery.

How did the community react to Yeiko's recovery?

The community was initially outraged by the violence Yeiko suffered but closely followed and celebrated every step of his recovery.

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